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i'm all the man you need

I think all this watching and covering the war has hiked up my testosterone level.

I'm in my underwear, drinking a beer and listening to Pantera.

I've got basketball on one tv and war on another.

I'm cursing like a truck driver.

I just sent Justin in the kitchen to make me some pie, bitch.

If I had balls, I'd be scratching them.

At least my underwear is pink.


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Michele, you can scratch mine (don't worry, I'll ask Kate if it's OK first; I'm sure she'll say "yes").


you mean you don't blog in your underwear on the weekends all the time?
i was so hoping i wasn't the only one who did that...lol

That's me every weekend, except i'm drinking smirnoff while watching basketball and yelling at tony to, "go get me a mutha fucking venti iced soy white mocha, from starbucks, Ho."

Underwear? your supposed to wear underwear? LOL I just have those latest style from paris gowns on. muwhahahaha

know what I hate....Turn on MTV..they are a bunch of fucking liberal scumbags that only braodcast people against the war. How about showing us people who support everything bush is doing??


Imperial Falconer

Thank you Micele, I pulled out my Pantera albums because of this post. I think Gwar's song "Sick of you" has been very "theraputic" lately... lol

Sorry, I missed the h in Michele. I've noticed how you hate when people misspell your name.

Heehee - you just described me. My husband is cowering in fear from me lately and he fought in the first Gulf war. I have become a born again Republican. No one is safe. We haven't been to my mom-in-law's because hubby is afraid I'm going to go after her "friends don't let friends vote republican" bumper sticker. He's right.

Still don't watch basketball though............

How about a little Cowboys from Hell?

"...you see us coming and you all together run for cover...we're taking over this fuckin town!"

I trust the hand is slightly inserted down the front of your...uh...panties. The other holds the remote as you are sitting in your Archie Bunker chair. You do have a chair don't you?

Oh, I'd say you've got balls, michele. Not physical ones, perhaps, but you've got 'em anyway. Certainly more than those pansies with the Bush=Hitler signs who think they're so brave to stand up to the fascist regime in the White House.

Does watching Busch/Winston Cup/Arca racing count ?? No football, yet, though.

MB's been that way for years; just not as obvious.

Actually, having a slight elevation in testosterone is good for real women; keeps the old bod humming along a lot better for the long run.

You gotta warn a girl before you make her laugh that loud! I just about spewed Coke all over my 'puter screen!

. . . basketball on one tv, war on the other . . .

For this Hoosier Republican, that sounds like a little slice o' Heaven.