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the children!!!!

Look! Look how those horrible soldiers are treating the children of Iraq! Loook at all those dead babies!


Children welcome members of the British 2nd Royal Tank Regiment as they arrive in Basra, southern Iraq (AP Photo/Brian Roberts/ News of the World/Pool)

So, what are those people protesting again?


The thumbs up sign is the middle east equivalent of flipping the bird.

Now, I'm not homophobic, but Queergirl (lezziland@hotmail.com) wanting to see my boobs..? I'm a little shy..I've never done anything like this with a woman before. tee hee

LOL. sorry. couldn't resist.

And if it's true what Kirk said..then LMFAO! Aren't little kids cuuuute?

Wait just a damn minute. I thought it was no sex to protest the war this week. Will someone please print a goddam schedule?.

I emailed her to get a clarification on "sex positive" . I doubt I'll get a response. Clarity isn't a hippies strong suit...

This just in from "Queer Girl" :
"sex-positive" is a term often used in queer culture and women's events - it
just means, having a positive and non-shame-based attitude about sex!
everyone has sexual feelings and most people enjoy having them, but most
people need to act like it is something sinful or secret. "sex-positive"
means being open and happy about one's sexuality. cool?

She seems like an evil Mrs. Rogers on ludes. But hell at least she answered...


I wish there was a place where all such jubilant images were stored/indexed. No big sites such as CNN or NYT or WPost has photos of Iraqi people welcoming the the willing coalition.

What do you all think?


Is this the place where the Washington Post wrote about the Iraqis' smiles turning to scowls once the trucks and tanks rolled by? http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A15003-2003Mar23.html

Because they do not exist.