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don't forget to pack your gas bombs for the peaceful protest

More peace protesters opposing violence:


A riot police officer is engulfed in flames after a gasoline bomb was thrown at his feet during an anti-war demonstration outside the U.S. Embassy in Athens on Friday, March 21, 2003. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)


wow. that's umm...stupid. what are people thinking!?

What?! Yes, I see...violence will teach us peace....

Par for the course. The US embassy is down near the Polytechnic University in Athens. The students are tossing Molotovs just about daily.

When I was there in 89-90, they threw them one day to protest the US presence in Greece, and the next day because we announced they were leaving.

What the fuck is wrong with those people?

Notice the AP reporter never said if the officer was okay. I hope he was okay. Little bastards.

Um hey guys "What?! Yes, I see...violence will teach us peace...." isnít that a bit hypocritical I mean yeah throw gasoline bomb thing dumb and dumber but I mean you cant write off the other millions of people who protested as all crazy bomb toting nuts-oís I think its little funny that you belive this to be how all anit-war protests are not at all like the other millions of people who protested peacefully myself being on of them...I think you should just think a little more before being all ohhh no the crazy peace keepers are throwing bombs again....and as well I to hop the person was ok and um all so your the ones jumping head first into war tell me how that will create peace