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asshat roundup #1

This is going to be a banner day.

First up, there's this:

Patton Museum hit by vandalism (reg. required)

Employees at the General Patton Memorial Museum arrived at work Thursday morning to find anti-American, anti-war and pro-Iraqi graffiti on military tanks, a Christian altar and a memorial plaque.

"No War," in more than foot-tall letters, was scrawled on a wall surrounding a statue of Gen. George S. Patton..."

The vandals used the Arab word for God several times, misspelling it each time: "Alla" instead of "Allah."

"Alla is God," they wrote in block letters on the front of one tank. On one side of the same tank they wrote "America is evil," and "Iraq will win" on the other side.

Salam Al-Marayati, executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Los Angeles, said it could not have been Muslims who did the defacing.

"Every Muslim knows Allah is spelled A-L-L-A-H," he said. Muslims say, "Allah is the one God," not "Allah is God," he added.

"That's somebody trying to frame Muslims," Al-Marayati said.

The vandals also sprayed paint in an unrecognizable pattern over a bronze plaque commemorating five local Medal of Honor recipients.

Granted, the people who did this are probably not the typical war protesters. But this is indicative of the kind of people the anti-war faction is attracting with their latest round of "civil disobedience."


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You shouldnt mess with Patton's museum, his reincarnation will prolly beat you up.

Such is the state of education these days!
Patton has been diad for how long now?

Maybe we should spend a little more time in the classroom and a little less time trying to prompt hate crimes!