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the money shot

"If you ejaculate and the semen travels 50 centimeters or more, we'll award a 3,000 yen discount ticket. Going 70 centimeters or more will earn 5,000 yen off."


28 inches? That doesn't seem terribly diff...

Oh, well, never mind.

Um..."spit it out?"


Damn, two weekends in a row someone's post almost made me choke on my all-animal Saturday breakfast (Bacon, eggs, milk). I need to stay away from ASV until after breakfast, apparently.

Okay, I'm a bit unclear on the specifics... is the distance measured from a standing position in relation to the floor/ground? Is it an indoor or an outdoor event (wind could greatly affect distance)? Are fluffers provided free of charge? How does one calculate batting averages on this? And just how much is 5,000 yen in dollars?

Practice, practice, practice!

It's about 45 bucks, by my reckoning, assuming it's still 110 yen to the dollar or so.