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the safe haven of long island

New York City is going to be a madhouse today. I have a really bad feeling about the way these "peace" protests are going to turn out.

All New York City bloggers are welcome to escape the madness and come hang out on Long Island with me, where the kids are too lazy, spoiled and apathetic to protest anything except lack of parking spaces at their high school.


After reading about the window-smashing, street-clogging, building-blocking, lunch-blowing, dump-taking and then for the topper, a bag of Molotov cocktails found in the SF "peace" protest, I'm ready for anything. I think we all can see what "peace" looks like to these asshats.

well, this asshat doesn't plan to hurl, that's just all trashy. glad you'll be watching 'tho.

michelle, thanks for making me laugh. i need to. and my cousins in long beach do too. ;)

Don't miss the exchanges of fire about this over at Insomnomaniac. Also, I have an editorial about it at the Palace.

Michele, I heard that there was a Pro Marica Rally starting at noon in Huntington somewhere.

Marica? What the hell did I type? Pro America Damnit! Thats what I meant!

I need another pot of coffee....