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my new favorite word

furphy n.(pl.furphies) 1 a false report or rumour. 2 an absurd story. •adj.(furphier, furphiest) absurdly false, unbelievable: that’s the furphiest bit of news I ever heard

If you're looking for the warblogging, I'm over here.


Huh. I went to high school with a Michael Furphy.

He wasn't especially absurd...

Here one you might like: kerfuffle - n. a fuss or disturbance. There was such a kerfuffle in the office today about who ate more than one donut.

Seems like a reasonable post to comment on this...Peter Jennings blathering about how "the door is still open for Saddam to go into exile and end the war"

Earth to Jennings - once the bombs start falling, the deal goes off the table. Sammy's a dead man, if not already, then soon and with a bang.

Or maybe a whimper at the end of a rope.

Ah the Guardian, now you know who is to blame for Furpiness - the web :
"While the battle between media and military is a familiar one, this is the first major conflict with a third source of propaganda: the civilian disinformation of the internet. British and American politicians were appalled, after 9/11, by just how many of their constituents took seriously such web-spread rubbish as Jewish employees being warned to avoid the twin towers that day. Imagine what those malicious fingers might be tapping about Bush, Blair and Saddam. Perhaps that's where the rumour of Saddam's fancy-dress massacre first surfaced? We don't know. And, despite the most intensive and extensive media coverage in military history, those three words are going to remain our answer to most of the short-term questions in this conflict. "'

Yet the truth is that you can those reports about 9/11 in real, physical newsprint - throughout every Muslim country.