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my god, what idiots

As war began in Iraq, Pierre Frik feared he might be targeted by zealots because of his Middle Eastern background.

Frik never imagined he'd be targeted because of his Central Valley chain of dry cleaning stores, French Cleaners. He just picked the name on a whim and made the Eiffel Tower the stores' logo.

Which just proves that asshats exist on all sides of the equation.

Hey, look at me, I'm drinking French wine! Set me on fire!

My head is going to explode before this day is over.

via joanne jacobs


I feel kinda sorry for the guy, actually.

I totally feel sorry for the guy. He was attacked by asshats.

I 100% feel sorry for him. He's an immigrant, from one of the world's most farked-up countries, and he was making a decent living (he owned multiple stores). That is the American dream.

All over the local radio news yesterday was the "Anti-hate Crime Task Force". Local cities are all het up to crush any sign of oppression of Arabs and Iraqis.

So far, the sum total of hate crimes I have read or heard about linked to the war is...two.


Neither local.

Both involving the word "French", not Arabs or Iraqis.

Not bad for a country of 300 million "ignorant racists".

I should have added last night that the bastards who did this should be jailed for a good long time and made to pay damages, both direct and punitive. I'm just kind of sick of listening to all the whining from the media clowns about the expected backlash, and I'm especially tired of hearing the crap emanating from the blowhole of that CAIR spokesjoker.