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i'm getting really tired of the denial

To the asshat who left her/his idiotic pawprint in the comments of this post:

Go here. Watch the video. Wait for the part at 1:25.

And then go fuck yourself.


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I really, really like you right now. I'm ready to propose that we ship all the demonstrators to an island somewhere, and then put Saddam in charge of it. Thoughts?

Well, Saddam seems to be dead, which means in order to be in charge of the protesters they would have to be dead too (cause you can't have the living leading the dead, it just doesn't work like that) so yea, I'm all for that.

The nightmare of the peace-weenie Left: dancing Iraqis jubilant for their liberation. Et tu, Iraq??

Do leftists believe their own lies or they in some kind of fugue state?


Imperial Falconer

I don't mean to sound like a big puss, but that caught me off guard, and I hitched up a little when I saw that footage. Those folks don't have to fear being shoved into a plastic shredder feet-first anymore. How can anyone, I ask, think of that as a bad thing?

Kevin--I got a little choked up too. Pussies unite for liberation!

Michele - I think you should ban telzey for his comment in that thread. He made me spill some beer.

well, FRAK! The clip is no longer availble......