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the law of news watching

When you spend all day listening to explosions on tv and you go outside and it suddenly starts thundering, you will jump out of your skin.


You saying that reminds me of reading The Stand by Stephen King. The first time someone coughed behind me in a movie theater, I thought I was dead for sure.. I can remember the feeling of terror washing over me. Of course I'm kind of a coward, but that's not really the point.

Oy, tell me about it. I was sitting in my office in midtown Manhattan when I heard what sounded like a loud explosion. I couldn't tell from my window if it was raining, so I ws trying to figure out what the hell was going on. I went and asked the guy in the next office if he thought it was thunder, and he said yes and assured me it was raining. But I'm still a little freaked out.

are you kidding? i'm coming close to chanting...

although what exactly i would be chanting is unknown...rain maybe...or thunder...or just joy...

yes, i know i'm crazy, you dont need to tell me. i've been crazy for a very long time. =)

I woke up to thunder & lightening at 5:30 am. It jolted me out of sleep and I didn't move trying to gigure out if it was thunder or bombs. Never got back to sleep.

I work in DC. I've had a few moments of panic. You can laugh after but for a few moments.... the terror is at your throat.

That isn't news that is saturating the media--that is "entertainment". That is how they make their bucks (zillions of 'em) and bucks are what Iraq is all about.

Sorry! I should have previewed. Perhaps the media ARE making "zillions of 'em"; but, what I meant to say was that bucks (zillions of 'em) are what Iraq is all about.