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What do you do if you're throwing a party for self-centered celebrities on Oscar night and there is a war on?

I mean, what celebrity worth their name would want to be seen in public during a war partying it up and grinning for the cameras?

So you do what Vanity Fair did for its party. You ban the press.

And then you claim you did that because you want to make sure the party is private, therefore safe and terrorist free.

But we know the real reason is the stars want to drink themselves into oblivion, get half-naked, dance on the tables and roll around in their millions without the public knowing that their idols really don't give a shit about war, peace or anything but themselves.

Thanks for the link, Rob.

Just because:

Mr. Bungle, Vanity Fair

You're not human
You're a miracle
A preacher with an animal's face

In your sexy
Neon smokescreen
Lie the supersalesmen of vanity

Even your shadow worships you
In your jungle solitude

With the orgies of the sacrament
And the seal of flagellants

God saves those who save their skin
From the bondage that we're in

I'm elated
I could cut you
And remove the sheath of your ignorance

Bless the eunuch
And the skoptsi
Will you hurt me now and make a million?
Say cheese, baby
We all love you
But it's a cheap world and you don't exist...

Slit the fabric of the right now
Spread your legs and wear the crown

Tell me how long, lord, how long?
Till I get my beauty sleep?

Now the hourglass is empty
The moment of my de-sexing

Cut it
Cut it
Cut this cancer from my soul

Now that I've made it...
I'm finally naked...


If it walks like a duck....


mmm, drink into oblivion. is that why mom calls it "getting bombed?" uuurrlllgghh.

I don't understand why Tom Hanks and Will Smith aren't showing up for the ceremony... do they honestly think they'd be a target?? Talk about dilusional! If they were all serious they could always just cancel the show this year :-)

didn't see that one at MSNBC, thanks, Robyn!

Scrolled down to read the part about Brittany Murphy; I don't know whether I would want to slap her (for her first sentence, what is she saying there?) or kiss her (for exercizing her right NOT to exercize her right to free speech...hmmm, now I REALLY would like to know her opinion).

OK, I wouldn't SLAP her.

With their track record of sticking their foot into their mouth as soon as they open it, it's probably for the best.

Beth, I don't know about Tom Hanks, but it sounds like Wil Smith is not showing up precisely because he thinks the whole idea of the celebrity backpatting and circle jerking is wrong during the war.