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photo time

I'm trying to make a collage of all the uplifting pictures from scenes in Iraq. If you see any, leave a URL.


I blogged this one from MSNBC earlier--I failed to note the link to the story, however.

look at the right sidebar!

Tell me why we embedded journalists again?

Ooo, and I thought Clinton had some serious spin doctors...

Then again, I'd line up to get M & M's from a guy in a HUMVEE, too! Too Cool!

I find this one very uplifting.

Here's another one if you haven't seen it yet.

Not "uplifting", so much as funny as hell.

There are some here

No direct link, but they have a slideshow of Iraqis helping Marines tear down a Saddam banner.

I've got one up on my front page. I actually did a frame grab from some stuff we aired at work earlier today. I couldn't find it anywhere on-line, so I did it myself! I can do more if anyone wants anything from ABC (I work at an affil so that's what I've got available!)