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I'm really mad at myself right now for something I did. Yet, I'll do it again.

Most of you will figure that out without my admitting to it out loud.


You linked a Pirillo. sigh Truly, it never gets easier...


You let my wife post in your comments... AGAIN.

You had a smoke...

Chris, I couldn't help it. She just batted her eyelashes at me and I swooned.

shhhhh! you arent supposed to say it!

eh, weve all done it at some time. as long as it doesnt fall back into habit or addiction, its probably not going to kill you.

now hating yourself...thats a whole other story...

Punish yourself. Lick the ashtray, and it won't happen again (at least today).

hopefully it is all over very soon without much loss of life and you can have a victory cigar too! Hey, we all fall off whatever bandwagon we need to be on, from time to time. Who could see all that smoke on tv and not wish to fill their lungs with some equally thick and harmful smoke and slowly kill themselves off so that they might not be able to live a full and happy life and see all that their children will become someday?

shut up peat. =P

go back and read the "somebody saved my life" post. quick.

If you do it again, David will NOT be able to come over and play, and i'm totally serious!!!