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Ted Rall takes one giant leap for idiocy.

(click, etc.)

I can't be sure, because Ted's drawings are sometimes hard to figure out due to their crudeness, but I do believe that Teddy Boy is saying here - If you support the troops and support your country you are a Nazi.

And I'm sure he is also calling the lot of us blind sheep being led into the abyss of hell, brainwashed by our government because we obviously have no minds of our own, no brain power whatsover.

Except for one small detail. While Hitler was leading his troops in a campaign of genocide and mass murder, our leaders have the audacity to liberate people who actually want to be liberated! Imagine the balls on them for doing that! What nerve!

And meanwhile, Ted goes on bitching and moaning about the last presidential election and uses tired cliches and overworked phrases to yell at people who drive SUVs and goes on really bad talk shows where even the liberal host tells him to shut up, and he goes on suing people over petty bullshit and trying to get women to sleep with him and being a mouthpiece for the ignorance of the far left.



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Why hasn't this dissenter been shipped off to the Cohagen, Montana Dissenter Collection Facility?

Crap. I wasn't supposed to mention that...

Rall's an idiot. Too bad there aren't capitalist work camps, I mean "reeducation" camps.

Mine are a lot funnier than his

When I get home from work, Ted Rall is in for the Photoshopping of his life. It is now my goal to receive a 'cease and desist' letter from his lawyer.

"Mine are a lot funnier than his"

My bowel movements are funnier than Rall's "art".

Rall's work always makes me think of a certain MST3K quote: "You know part of me is laughing at this...the part that hates life."

The thing of it is, there's undoubtedly humor and insight to be found in this week's events. Opportunities for satire abound. He's just not capable of it.

It's official: Rall isn't just a schmuck, he's pure evil, as is all "Bush = Hitler" BS, which belittles genocide. Well, no real surprise, I guess.

What do you expect from this baby Marxist? If we really were a Nazi country he'd be goose-stepping along with the rest of the fascists. I'll bet he gets dressed up every night in a French maid outfit and has a leather-harnessed guy named Luther spank him with a rolled-up copy of the Wall Street Journal.

Oh, of course, I agree completely, Michele. Huey Long was very far from perfect, but one of his wisest observations was that whenever fascism appears in America it usually calls itself anti-fascism.


To give Rall a teensy bit of credit:

I think he's trying to argue that the pro-war arguments we hear today were heard in Nazi Germany as well. (This would fit w/ his "column" of last week, arguing that one should not be pro-soldier, that the Germans were "pro-soldier" in 1939 as well.)

IF Rall knew anything about history, undoubtedly he'd point to the reactions of many Austrians and some Sudeten Germans to the jack-booted stormtroopers marching into their midst in 1938-1939.

But then, if Rall knew anything about history, he'd also have stopped believing in the ultimate victory of Communism, the inherent evil of the United States, and that the demise of the USSR was something to be lamented.

I have one thing to say to all you people who think that Bush is in the BUSINESS of war for the sole intention of liberating the Iraquis.
Laff, no offense, but you are all brainwashed if you buy that load of crap.
Our connections to the Middle East are showing.
He had to make a stand from some angle.
The Osama campaign didn't work when it was revealed that Bush Sr. was funding Osama, so they went to about 20 different spins before they landed on "Liberation of a Repressed People" sniff sniff...
That one worked and it stuck.
Don't be embarassed,though, because you have been made fools by our Evil Imperialist Government and our controlled one sided media.
That aren't many people who use enough of their intellect to know the difference between the truth and propoganda...I'll forgive all of you for thinking without your brains.
Don't forget who supplied Sadam with all his weapons..and don't forget who supported him financially and made it possible for Sadam to rape and torture his people a little longer.
That's right!!! The good ol' heroic USA> laff!
Are all you pro-war people feeling good about your Hypocritical WAR????
Sadam may be evil, but Bush is the AntiChrist.
BTW, People, wake up, our gov't. is Wrong.

Peace you warmongers.

umm, David Jaroslav, specifically what anti-fascists are fascists, are you jingoists actually implying that wanting a more intelligent and harmonious existence with the world is fascism.
Last time I checked one of the greatest harborer of terrorists has been the U.S. gov't.
If you don't know by now, we've funded Sadam and Osama, our two "worst enemies" for years people.

And even if you're for the war how can you be for Bush?
He is blatantly anti-environmental and he is a detriment to the evolution of this country into greater things, errr , uh that is unless you think "greater things" is getting revenge for your embarrased father.
One Corporation, Under Fascism, Ruled by Multimillionares

Bush is worth 24 million
Cheney is worth 242.5million
Rumsfeld is worth 817 million
This war is Business not liberation.
Do any of you even know what Red Alert means???
It means if you leave your house during the red alert you will be considered a threat.
And martial law will control all highways and interstates to make sure there is no attempt at transportation.

Feeling more secure now?

Oh my. Tinfoil hat a bit tight around the temples is it, dear? Lord above - another dreary leftist moonbat who thinks it's all about OOOOIIIILLLL! This, despite the fact that oil prices have plummeted and will do so further when we win (for some reason, low oil prices are good for Halliburton, and that makes Dick Cheney happy even though he's not a shareholder). The war will cost $75 billion. That's year upon year of production from Iraq. Apparently we don't want to attack Iraq to depose a monster, or to reduce the threat from WMDs, or free a people, or create a fledgling democracy in the Middle East. Oh no. We're evil Westerners, so imputing any benign motive to us just shows you're a lickspittle running dog of the fascist revanchist whatnots. Sheesh. Give me a break. But there's no convincing some people. They should just be ignored. Or possibly headbutted. There's something so sweet about the sound of forehead impacting with clueless cockdribble face.

Wake up and smell the coffee, 'Penny'. You and your ilk are on the way out, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Face it - you Leftist tools lost the Cold War, and you're about to lose this one, too. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.