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one last thought

I never want to hear the word embedded again.

The Command Post will take you through the rest of the night.


I'm pretty sick of "decapitated". It's so gruesome. I think "castrated" would have been a much better choice.

Damn!! oh, wait, I thought you said 'bedded' . WHEW

I'm ready to strangle the next pundit who says "if you will" -- an expression that makes me want to strangle people even without a war. Meanwhile, you might want to check my blog for my idea of how we parents can make use of "shock and awe" after the war!

But you have to admit, the "embedded" thing was an inspired way to keep the journalists from reporting sensitive information!

I'm getting pretty peeved at "boots on the ground" and "not working on all cylinders" as well.


I think I prefer watching reruns of the last Gulf war. They actually seemed interested in what they were doing and not just hamming it up for the camera.

Look, tracer fire... see how it arcs...

I second Jim. There is no phrase in the history of mankind to become a cliche faster than "shock and awe"