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self congratulations

Hey, I just saw this:

The Department of Defense sponsors the following websites for Americans wishing to show support for our troops:


I had no idea.

Now go visit those other sites.


Whooooo hoooo. Fuck you Mistress Carrie:-)

I'm glad you're being recognized for the good thing you're doing.

Shipping off a package tomorrow.

You can say that again LOL Congrats :)

Oh how fab. Good work, Michele!

high fives I'm SO proud of ya'!

That is so excellent!

Congrats! I really need to go out to our collection and go through it already. :p

Great job, Michele!!!

That's wonderful!

I bow before a true Goddess!

You're project is bigger than the hula hoop, but not quite the slinky.

Congrats Michele! Glad to see you get the recognition you deserve for that project :)

'bout time you got a nod for all the charitable ideas you pull together. Good for you!

True sincerity hangin'all out.You are most certainly the real deal,girl.Good job.

You've inspired me to start a similar program for the troops using older hardware. Will you host Troop8-Trax for me please?