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the collins principle

The Thursday quote of the night, courtesy of Jeffrey the Joyful Christian:

A South Carolina House member is attempting to pass a resolution calling on The Dixie Chicks to perform a free concert for S.C. troops to make up for insulting President Bush.

I'm ready to establish The Collins Principle: The stupidity with which a public official will respond is geometrically proportional to the private sector stupidity to which they are responding.

Representative Catherine Ceips has forgotten one simple thing. Dissing the president is not a crime in The United States of America, and therefore not punishable by any law, resolution or ridiculous fantasy of some way-out-there dipshit.

How do these people get elected, anyhow? Did you not know she was an assclown before you elected her?


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Speaking of the Chicks... (Yep, they're quietly trying to hide their PETA ad now in light of everything else.) C'mon Michele. Everyone knows chicks aren't supposed to have opinions. Especially blonde ones. ;-)

Isn't it funny how people get notoriety in one field and either through their own naivete or arrogance believe they have something worthwhile to say in another field? A better question would be why do some people take that seriously? I work in the IT field and have taught high school mathematics in the past. Does that mean I should be taken seriously when I talk about American ballet? The best line I ever heard about this was in the movie "Demolition Man", delivered by Wesley Snipes: "You can't take away somebody's right to be an asshole!"

If politicians who are assholes were diselected 75% of the politicos would be gone. Hmmm, I can't see any downside to that either.

One problem with politicians is that, and this is a generalization, the type of personality that is attracted to political life, is exactly the opposite personality that most of us approve of.

Ego, machismo, sociopathic tendencies (sound like Bill Clinton to you!?), are just the tip of the iceburg.

Sure you get an occasional J.C. Watts, G.W. Bush, and Fred Thompson... but they're too few to warrant real consideration as a "new norm."

Politicians may suck, but we're stuck with 'em. Let's figure out how to pin em down! I seem to remember that the Declaration of Independence had something to do with government that was not doing what the people wanted.

Apart from that -- Let's give Saddam Hell! Ooh-Rah!!

...Sorry, one more thing...


I just found a number of articles on the LA Times web site, and I want to wretch!

There's no liberal bias in the media, and here's some evidence:


I really like the anti-American slant to the "Made in the U.S.A." claptrap. Here's a small taste: