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yea, that's the ticket

So what was that anti-war coalition meeting like?

Oh, let's stop traffic!
What a great idea!
We'll stop ambulances and cops from getting to emergencies!
And we'll keep buses from getting kids to school!
Little old ladies won't be able to get to church!
My god, we are geniuses!
Bush will never be able to resist us now!
The war will end because Mrs. Wilson couldn't get to the post office!
High fives all around!


More than 1,000 arrests among these "peace protestors", some of whom were throwing rocks and bricks at police, and others who were armed with lengths of rebar.

I hope a few of them got maced AFTER they were cuffed.

There was a small crowd here in Orlando, apparently. It's Spring Break week and everyone who hasn't fled to the beaches was out on the streets with dumbass hippy signs. That number, at least according to the film clip I saw, was about fifteen. I guess these were the ones who couldn't even get a ride to Daytona.

Damn, they're good. Geniuses, even.

It's even better than that. San Francisco has a HUGE budget deficit right now; revenues are down and the city keeps pumping bucks into the social services black hole. The lefties have run "The City of Animal Love" into the ground.

And the protesters are currently forcing the city to have cops on 12 hour shifts with no days off (MASSIVE overtime), plus all the other costs associated. The protesters are now officially taking money out of the mouths of the homeless. They must be so proud.

And it couldn't happen to a more deserving city.

And then I hear on the radio this morning that one protester jumped off a bridge (GG I think, but might have been the Bay Bridge), simultaneously demonstrating holes in the security system and improving the gene pool.

Apparently, the same guy has done this before with less successful results.

The town where I work was in a veritable lock down because protesters decided to take up residence in the roundabout in the middle of town. Roads were shut down all around, traffic was in a major snarl three hours BEFORE rush hour and I was pissed...a five minute trip took me twenty, all because of them. grumble

More likely they concluded that 'their message wasn't getting out' or that they needed 'to get people to stop and think'.

Well, they succeeded in getting people to stop, anyway. Its not occured to them that people have ALREADY thought about it, indeed could not possibly have avoided doing this to some extent.

You know, these protesters, for all their claims of 'non-violence' are only correct insofar as they are not doing bodily injury... There is something wrong that someone can force you to choose between doing them harm and going about your life, and that it is you who are wrong if you don't submit to this blackmail.

I just can't put my finger on just what is wrong, but something is...