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the acid poll


Who would come up with a poll with a name like that?

Who else but Acidman.

Hey, it will give you something to do while waiting for the shock and awe that isn't going to happen.*

* and i wish some people would get it that we should be glad it's not going to happen.


And I hope you are right.
I think it's a last resort. I hope it does not have to be used.

Thank you, darlin.'

Yeah, it's more like

Shock and Awwwwww

Although, if we keep all those bombs, we can simply drop them off around Paris on the way home.

ABC News is now reporting 16 American dead in a military helicopter crash in Kuwait. I'm certainly not glad any of this is happening... I haven't stopped praying since last night.

One of my workmates asked "Have they dropped that shaqenaw bomb yet?"

Hey, she grew up in Oklahoma where they have towns named Talequa ( tal - e - kwa ) so she thought it was an Indian name for some new weapon.

I hope that bastard Saddam is dead and the Iraqi army surrenders without a shot.

Yes, let us hope that "Shock and Awe" is not required.

On one side, I would be glad if the Shock and Awe never happened; it would mean far fewer dead on both sides.

On another side, I would be concerned.... because if it does NOT happen, it may mean more dead further down the road.

The primary value of "shock and awe"-- a massive, earthshaking display of military and technological might-- would be the sudden and total shattering of a popular Mideast paradigm... the belief that America is too weak, too cowardly, too spineless to do more than bluster. The sight of "the cowardly Great Satan" blasting the Iraqi military infrastructure into dust within a matter of days, if not hours, would freeze the hearts of tyrants and terrorists throughout the mideast.

If they see this titanic, year-long buildup, hear all the rhetoric, listen to our bombast-- then see us just walk in after popping off the Iraqi leader with a couple of missiles, like a cheap hood shooting a rival for gang leadership in the back of the head-- a lot of pot-pissers out there are not going to get the message.

We may win this war almost bloodlessly.... but how much blood will be spilled when our enemies abroad assume that our "restraint" is nothing more than a lack of spine?

Junior, you missed it completely.

You frieghten leaders by killing leaders, not by fucking up their countries or killing their people. Unfortunately these are the sorts of leaders who care nothing for their country and nothing for their people.

You gain the trust and respect of the masses by being effective, something their own leaders have never been in all of history,

What scares the middle eastern leaders, including the religious idiots, the most is the possiblilty that we could loosten their hold over the public in their own countries.

By making life better and NOT being as brutal as expected, we might shake those idiots out of real power...

Of course the shock and awe threat could be made real as I type. I haven't turned the radio on for hours. But my point is not what we wll do, but that your analysis of the effects sounds wrong to me.

It's starting to look like it won't be necessary. On the radio this morning was a report that one marine unit on its way to Baghdad was passing Iraqi soldiers waving white flags and cheering the marines.