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The outfit due to be worn by Hollywood star Angelina Jolie (news) at Sunday's Oscar ceremony has been stolen from the designer's car in London.

Jolie's outfit was described as a 3,000 pound body-hugging corset dress decorated with cherubs. [emphasis added]

Were they giant cherubs coated in steel?


ummm....pound as in surely?

One would hope...otherwise she's taking the concept of "body armor" a little far...

I'm sure that's what they meant, but it was much more fun to read it this way.

No, dumbass! They were made out of delpleted Uranium. That's why the people at ANSWER stole the dress... to protest the health hazards of depleted Uranium that they have made up!

She might as well collect the insurance. With the grand red-carpet parade cancelled, there's not much point to dressing up this year for the edification of the fans.

oh well, i guess she'll have to come naked. drat it all.

mmmm...yummy...naked angelina jolie....can i have her covered in whipped cream?

katydid, that would be Ali Larter in "Varsity Blues".

Personally, I think Angelina Jolie would make a burlap sack look great. She looks good in anything, but as shown in "Original Sin" looks great in nothing as well.

That must be one brawny babe.

I'm just glad that I'm not the only person who read it that way. :)

Yahoo has lifted the entire story from Reuters, except...

Yahoo: "Jolie's outfit was described as a 3,000 pound body-hugging corset dress decorated with cherubs."

Reuters: "Jolie's outfit was described as a body-hugging corset dress decorated with cherubs."

Where did Yahoo get "3,000 pounds?"

From the AP:
Jolie Dress for Oscars Stolen in London

LONDON (AP) -- Angelina Jolie was left frockless for Sunday's Academy Awards after the gown she'd planned to wear was stolen from the car of British designer Scott Henshall. The 3,000 pound ($4,700) gown was among seven dresses, jewelry and accessories worth a total of 40,000 pounds ($62,400) that were snatched from the back of the designer's convertible in London's fashionable Knightsbridge district Wednesday, said spokesman Paul Bhari.

Well, that makes my jokes obsolete.

Yow! A mecha suit at the Oscars? What kind of armament would it have?