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saddam's poetry corner

Come on kids, gather round the poetry corner! Tonight's special guest poet is everyone's favorite tyrant, Saddam Hussein! He is going to recite his very special poem entitled "My Heart Will Go On."

Unsheathe your sword without fear, without hesitation, Unsheathe your sword and let Saturn bear witness, Unsheathe your sword, the enemy is smoldering, No one can (intrigue) him but a prudent hero, Saddle the horses and unleash them, For in their wedding there is hope, Let the lightening echo at the night of fire, So that truth appears and injustice is defeated, Shine, in the face of darkness as it turns deeper, Torches, whereas the frail and the weak, Spark your lighter and keep the fire glowing Feared by the subservient vile, Draw your sword and make it gleam, No winner but the determined man, Make the banner fly on each pole, Pray to God, the wound will heal.

Doesn't that sound just like an Iron Maiden song? I had the sudden urge to flick my Bic, stand on my seat and chant "Number of the Beast!!!"


There was an old, vicious, tyrannical, genocidal, psychotic man from Baghdad......
oh..never mind..

i'm not even going to touch this one with a ten-foot pole. sides, i need food. woman cannot survive on news alone...no matter how much she may want to...

Interesting sexual overtones...

Draw your sword and make it gleam

I was thinking Motley Crue "Children of the Beast"

Aaaghh!!! It's Vogon poetry The pain!