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it's a hate mail kind of day!

They are coming out of the woodworks today.

I've already deleted five very threatening, ugly comments. The hate mail is piling up.

And now someone has just left this in the comments on my "about" page.

IP Address: Name: a former reader Email Address: URL:


if i was your daughter, i would kill myself while i still had a conscience and soul. how does it feel to lose all your friends and have no friends or readers to your website left than jingoist people with no personalities who only enjoy your company because of your political views?

you're the idiot, idiot.

Oops. Did I just put your IP address up there? Sorry about that!

If you consider yourself one of the friends I lost, then it looks like I got the better end of that bargain.

Bite me, asswipe.


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Keep up the good work, Michele. You provide a great service to those of us that agree with you point of view.


Well I hope said IP 144 etc takes its head out of its ass long enough to read this comment.

Bite me, IP 144. And that's from an antiwar feminazi liberal who believes in karma....which means assholes like you will get yours.

Ahhh I feel better now!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Jane?

Some people are just so hateful. It's quite sad, really.

We love you Michelle!

My, my, my. Whoever it was even managed to squeeze the Holy Mantra Word 'jingoist' in there, too. Yipes. I thought it was all about peace and nonviolence?

I just received some excellent hate mails...wanna trade?

Think of this, Michele... the hate mail they are sending to you means they are spending a few less moments harrassing our soldiers and clogging up the we support our troops sites.

It's the least we can do.

Thanks for keeping up the good work Michele. Don't mind the asshats with a keyboard...the whole anti-anybody-who-supports-anything-resembling-America group can go blow chunks...

Oh well, someone is just a little sexually frustrated. Maybe if he moved out of his mom's house he'd get some.

And may I just add "you're the idiot, idiot" - what an incredibly brilliant response. This guy needs to go write for Saddam's people - replace the guy who penned the "they have no brains" comment that they keep spewing. It's really getting a bit stale.

You make me miss living back East,I'm trapped in the SF area and ,well,all I can say is 'naked Marin women?.Shudder......I would kill to hear a woman say,out loud,"bite me ,asshat" or anything like that.Thanks Michele

A 'former reader' means one is no longer reading...
Am I correct in that assumption? So why is this assclown still leaving comments?? Go find something constructive to do with your time! Jeeeez.

And..to suggest that ANYONES daughter kill herself?? What the fuck is wrong with you??
This is a better line of thought than what Michele puts forth everyday??

What am I missing here?

It never ceases to amaze me just how stupid some people can be....I for one think you do a fantastic job and appreciate your efforts. What a hurtful thing for someone to say about your daughter....I'd be madder than hell and I know you must be. What a jerk....

For every asshat that you lose, you will gain 2 or 3 people that appreciate the truth laid out, minus the sugar-coating.

Keep it up Michele.

Funny how the "peace-loving" like to hide behind the net to post threats and crap when there are no cameras around...


A NEW Reader.

I feel honored to be among the jingoist people with no personalities here. Umm. What's a jingoist? ;-)

Good thing this person had the balls to post that to you all the way from Hercules, CA.

Why is it that the supporters of tolerance and diversity are so full of hatred?
There are things that about which I disagree with you, Michele, not least is how to spell Michelle.
If the disagreement is important, I'll tell you. There's nothing worth wishing harm to your daughter, that's simply despicable.
The Left says We are the ones that hate.

Michele has political views?! I read this site for boobies...

Fuck 'em. I'm yer friend.

That son-of-a.... mother... errr. I hate those people. I may not agree with you on everything Michele, but I'm sure not gonna prevent you from airing your opinion nor am I going to write some piece of garbage like 144. That is just sick.

Sorry, those hateful jerks just irk me to no end.

I agree with Ian, boobies are nice.

Ironically, one reaction I have to that letter is to feel pity for any future daughter SHE has.

We can only hope 144 grows up and gets less bitter. is an IP address owned by Ameritech, one of the baby bells, in Plano, Texas.

An anti-war asshole in Texas?! Omigawd! It's a Dixie Chick!

Give 'em hell, Michele!

We still luv ya! And not just for the boobage shots!

I find it odd that people so opposed to violence that they think we should avoid war even at the cost of leaving Saddam Hussein in power think it's ok to threaten someone for posting her own views on her own website. Seems awfully hypocritical to me. Why do they keep coming back if they find the information here so offensive? It's like watching the same station 24/7 and bitching about the programming.. Change the fucking channel!! I know I'm echoing things others have said, but I come here in part because I don't always agree with you. We agree on a lot, but I love to read things from articulate sincere people that don't agree with me. If I can't read honest opposition and still feel good about my view then it's probably not a very solid view. You do great work, Michele.


yeah, i come for the fart jokes too.

the war stuff is just an added bonus.

I came for the boobies, stayed for the commentary. You have those ears in a jar yet, Michele? Or are you only taking dog tags?

wow, it's a good thing your daughter isn't a big fat annoying whiny pussy, michele. even if she does like shudder american idol, she's too smart to let anyone else's political views dictate her life or her future. unlike some.

dear former reader, may i suggest you pretend to be michele's daughter, and go ahead and kill yourself? do us a favor? thanks.

What a jerk!

I resent that remark. I'm a faithful reader and I have several personalities.

Gross 1 (144), I feel you should stop coming by here. Please do it for your own health. When you are daily faced with truth on Michele's side and the lies force fed to you by the dark side your head may implode. I know that head implosion isn't very common but soon I expect to see many peacenics self destruct. "Bull" Corrie and the bridge diver were the first ones.

If it weren't for the whole "if I were your daughter" thing, I might suspect that 144 is Ted Rall, lashing out with hurt...

Wish I'd thought of it before the comment thread got so long, but the line "if i was your daughter, i would kill myself" reminded me of a (possibly apocryphal) story about Winston Churchill:

Lady Astor: Sir, if I were your wife I'd poison your brandy.
Churchill: Madam, if I were your husband, I'd drink it.

P.S. Thank goodness for the "preview" button. Don't ask.

" Umm. What's a jingoist?"

Someone who writes catchy little tunes for commercials?