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live on tape

Was it live or was it Memorex?

"I am being told by several senior officials not to take that taped speech Saddam gave last night as proof that he survived the attack," CBS NEWS reporter David Martin said on air.

"They say the evidence that put him in the bunker last night was very reliable, and they are confident that the cruise missiles and bunker-busting bombs that were fired at that bunker last night hit the target. So now, intelligence experts are studying the tape to determine if it is really Saddam, or a body double which he is known to use from time to time. And they are running a computerized voice analysis, comparing that speech with known recordings of Saddam's voice. But that's a process that takes awhile. So we may not have a quick answer."

"There is considerable belief in this government that they may, in fact, have gotten Saddam."

Pretty soon we will be able to answer the question: Who is more dead, bin Laden or Hussein?


even if we did get him, will we ever be sure?? It might be a double, but that doesn't mean he isn't here anymore.

Y'know, just last night I wondered aloud to Todd if he made a series of tapes in advance for his media to release -- covering the bases in several scenarios with instructions to just play the appropriate tape at any given time in case he wasn't around to give a new message himself. Hmmmmm...