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6:30 am: blood pressure up already

One of the reasons I will never subscribe to Newsday, even though it is my local paper, is Jimmy Breslin.

Next time one of those telemarketers calls and pleads to know the reason why I won't plunk down the money to buy their paper, I will direct them to this column.

Breslin reprints Hitler's speech of Sept. 1, 1939, that started WWII. And then he added at the end:

On that night, Hitler used this dry, unimaginative language to start a world war that was to kill 60 million, and they stopped counting.

Last night, George Bush, after speech after speech of this same dry, flat, banal language, started a war for his country, and we can only beg the skies to keep it from spreading into another world war.

I am trying to be literate and adult about this. I am trying to find the right words that would express my feelings in an intelligent, courteous manner.

Unfortunately, all I can come up with is: Fuck you, Jimmy Breslin. You are a blithering idiot.


But Michele, Breslin's always been a hateful, blustering drunk. Why expect him to change now?

We don't allow Newsday into the house, at my place. I've issued a number of "on behalf of all decent Long Islanders" apologies for some of the things it's printed in its Opinion Section. Particularly odious are the emissions of racist-collectivist thug Les Payne, whose first name really should be changed to "More" by judicial decree.

Someone should invoke Godwin's Law on Mr. Breslin.

Oh gawd, is that old bastard still alive?

It already is a World War (IV) Jimmy, wake up you senile ass. The so-called "War" in Iraq is merely a campaign in the global conflict, similar to Operation Torch in WWII (landing in North Africa and taking Morocco from technically neutral Franc. BTW, the invasion of Iraq is no more a pre-emptive war than was the invasion of North Africa.