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trolling around

I love the smell of idiocy in the morning. That's why I head right to Indymedia after I read some real news.

I have a BIG sign saying "President Bush: How many people did you kill today? I am going to work tomorrow teaching first grade, but I will stand on a main street with my sign for 1/2 an hour before I go to work. I quit saying the pledge of allegiance a couple of weeks ago. I told the kids that until my government says that it will not drop bombs on children, I will not say the pledge. I respectfully face the flag, standing while those who with to say it do so.

I have no problem with her not saying the pledge. However, if I was a parent of one of those kids - if my six year old came home and said that the teacher talked about America dropping bombs on babies - all hell would break loose.

A first grade classroom is not the place to be spewing your propganda. What a discredit to teachers this asshat is.


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For what it's worth, our local schools had a concert last night, three schools, with choirs, orchestras and bands. We started with the Pledge of Allegiance, then went into some great pieces including some very stirring marches.

Not bad for the People's Republic of The Bay Area.

I was born in 1960, which means most of my elementary, and some of my junior high, education tok place during ht Viet Nam War. I was thinking about that the other day, and I realized in hindsight that all during that hideously divisive time, NOT ONE teacher of mine made a single comment (that I can remember, anyway) about the war - not one comment PRO or CON. Back then, I guess, the teachers were intelligent enough to realize that politically indoctrinating the children placed in their trust was none of their damned business. Further, I don't think I was permanently scarred by a lack of group discussions with counselors to talk, cry, do art projects, or write poems or letters to the President, about my fears and stress - which, as far as I can remember, was about nonexistent - about what was going on.

What is with this whole we're dropping bombs on babies thing? We're bombing military installations, bunkers where Saddam and Co. are hiding, not civilian homes. Our war is not on the civilians of Iraq, and I'm just disgusted by people who are so blatantly ignorant.

Any mention whatsoever about the war, other than the fact that we are engaged in one, is wholly inappropriate for 1st grade children. That teacher should be fired for bringing up why she's not reciting the pledge, plain and simple.

I'm trying to figure out the whole "I won't say the Pledge of Allegience, but I'll stand and face the flag with others respecfully while they do so" thing. I mean, who or what is she respecting here? Is she being respectful, or cowardly? Is there a difference between standing and respecfully facing the flag while others are reciting the pledge, and saying the pledge itself? Is this a moral stand, or hypocrisy?

Of course, am I really expecting well-thought-out moral stands from this person?

I'm so tired of hearing about how we are killing innocent children. What about the innocent children that Saddam has tortured and killed? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/world/from_our_own_correspondent/2058253.stm

Lots of teachers in germany went to the "No War" demonstration with their pupils. Of course not first grade, but older ones.

I wonder how "No War" teachers there are in France, which has invaded two countries without UN authorization in just the past month.