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A picture from Bob at Scratching the Itch (truncated here, see Bob's post for huge picture):

Military ship:

(click for bigger)


I hope every flaming peacenik reads that over and over again, tattoos it on their brains, and come to their senses.

Don't count on it, Faith.

And thanks for the mention, Michele. I need to work on programming my own TrackBack feature I guess. :)

That's funny...what happened to the "liberate the Iraqi civilians" line? I don't see that anywhere. Although I do see plenty of crimes that Iraq did not commit.

I guess it's all the same, right? They're all brown people who live in a desert...I suppose it doesn't matter who dies for whose crimes.

It reminds me of those Consolidated Loan commercials actually...

Losing track of all your separate, diverse fears in the midst of this cruel and complicated world?

Why not consolidate all those varying atrocities that strike fear into the hearts of your countrymen under the banner of one, simple, easily-manageable boogeyman?

Tenuous links (and completely different organisations responsible) are no obstacle. For an increased feeling of moral clarity, don't delay...apply today.

War has begun, it seems. It WILL last longer than we hope, and I think that we know that. May casualties ON BOTH SIDES remain lower than we fear...

Question: How much did America consult their allies (eg. Britain) when they jumped the gun this evening, I wonder? They seemed very confused when talking to the BBC this morning...

Amen. That says it all.

May God watch over our troops and keep them safe from harm.

Just closing the italics tag. Can't you people at least do that much?

If Bush had just showed that picture to the American public, I think a lot more people would be behind him. Like they say, a picture is worth 1000 words.

In regards to what drublood said.

The emphasis is not on whether Iraq had any involvement in the attacks listed in that photo. It's the idea of preventing any more attacks like those from taking place; and Iraq is a long-term threat when it comes to such.

And besides, Iraq has directly supported terrorists in killing Americans in Israel; the $35 million paid to suicide bombers' families is the equivalent of paying a gangster for a mob-hit.

Jonathan~there is no emphasis.
Despite my feeling that Saddam must be taken down, there is no prood he was involved in any of those instances of terrorism.
It is essentially accusing Iraq of complicity.
It should say
To Disarm Iraq of WOMD's
To protect US interests in the ME
To show strength to those who would oppose us
As Drublood pointed out, it says nothing about liberating Iraqis, as the name of the war does. "Operation Iraqi Freedom"
which I think is a joke of a name for this conflict.

Ways in which the list can be read:
-Prevention of further deaths (bit stretched: attacking Iraq =/= end of terrorism)
-Accusation that Iraq was involved in all of these (uh, no)
-R-e-v-e-n-g-e (hm...)

Teresa, get real. I've seen the picture, it did nothing but reinforce what I alrady knew. I agree with both Sylvain and drublood. You were right about one thing though, a picture IS worth a thousand words.