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Apparently the war wasn't supposed to start just yet.

It's being said there was intelligence that Iraqi leadership was gathering and they took the opportunity to strike.

No ground orders have been given yet - it looks to be an air war at least a day before it becomes a ground war.

Larger strikes loom. Stay tuned.


Hell, if our Intel was good and people--OK mass murderers--sat where they were supposed to, this thing could be over.

We might not get to see the new cool toys our tax dollars have paid for.

Yeah, right. The talking heads have decided the war started early. They've been such good purveyors of misinformation, who'd be surprised they'd start spewing again. To say northing of being played really well. What happens when they figure out their best skill is being tools.

This just in. France surrenders.

Cool toys? Perry, with all due respect, Fuck You. This is most definitely not a game. Go back to your PlayStation.

Operation Valiant Strike in Afghanistan. Over 1,000 troops involved. Could we possibly catch Bin Laden and Hussein on the same day? If so, this would surely qualify as a national holiday.

This snapshot at 'a leadership target of opportunity' is impressive even if it didn't connect, though I hope it did.
Look how good our intel must be. Look how quickly we can put a package together and strike.
Latly, look at the sky. Thought stealth and cruise had to have total darkness.
One last prayer for the men and women of the Armed Forces in harm's way, it's bedtime for the bald fat guy.

They're very close listeners :-)