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gimme a filet o fish!

Being that I can only blog the same thing so many times, let's just look at pictures.

(AP photo from yahoo, via Robyn.)

Captions accepted.

UPDATE: wonder if that would have anything to do with this
(see comments for source and link credit)


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OK, I admit it! I'm really French!

As long as they don't shoot Wendy, they can get rid of McDonald, that chihuaha and Colonel Sanders.

"No more sesame seed buns for the Big Macs!! I hate sesame seeds!!"


You might enjoy this.

It hasn't been a good time for poor old Ronald.

"The McDonaldland Liberation Front demands 5 million McNuggets and the release of the political prisoner known as 'the Hamburglar'!"

Get a better dye job, you plastic clown-faced freak!

From my friend Bruce:

"I'm in love! I want you as my wife!"

Alright, I guess it takes a while for trends to get to Billings. The first story I did for my high school paper (as a sophomore about 30 years ago) was about a Ronald McDonald stolen and hung from an overpass downtown.

Can't do much for a caption. Best I can do is "Don't nobody move or the clown gets it!"
(It's much better when Cleavon Little says it)

"Dammit, you screw up my drive-through order ONE MORE TIME.....!!!"

The hamburglar decided to go hardcore.

"Die, assclown!"