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may i take a moment to be pissed off?

This woman - Mistress Carrie - is apparently a popular radio show host on WAAF in Massachussets.

Mistress Carrie was emailed several times by several people after TroopTrax was started to make her aware of the program and to ask for some publicity. Mistress Carrie never got back to those people.

And now look. Mistress Carrie has a new project where you can donate CDs to send to the troops!

Do you just want to get involved and SUPPORT OUR TROOPS?

Here's your way!

I'm collecting MILITARY MAILING ADDRESSES (not email addresses) of service men and women....

I'm also collecting RECENT magazines...and I'm collecting CD's brand new OR used. We're gonna send MISTRESS MAILCALL packages over there so they get a bit of home while they are away. These guys are in the desert, they have NOTHING so anything we send them, they'll love trust me.

Feel free to include letters of encouragement with your donations and I'll make sure it gets to a soldier with their package!

No, I don't believe that she never saw the emails from the TroopTrax supporters and came up with this idea out of the blue. Not for a second.

Sure, the bottom line is that more soldiers will be getting CDs and packages and I am grateful for that.

But I really have the urge to grab Mistress Carrie by her hair and drag her around a parking lot.


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I don't know, Michele - she looks like she's into the whole "occult" thing and probably use her magical powers of soothsaying to dream up the idea before it was a twinkle in your eye.

On the other hand, maybe people could write her at carrie@waaf.com - that's carrie@waaf.com - and see what she has to say.

anyone have the email address of the station manager or the parent company of the radio station?

What a bitch...I never liked her show anyway.

Contact info on www.waaf.com and their parent company site www.entercom.com.

That's really ugly from her. Could I please get some pics from you and her in the parking lot?

She's collecting military mailing addresses? That sounds like a potential security violation to me.

Well, you could always embarrass the hell outta her by having calls made to the station between 10 a.m. & 3 p.m. EST saying "shame on your for stealing someone elses idea without giving proper credit, while it's all for the troops, show some class!" WAAF phone number is 617-931-1AAF ---- just a thought ...

Of course, this from a woman who proudly notes:

Well, I'm still collecting my PEZ dispensers, I know...I know... It's an addiction now. I LOVE my PEZ! Can't get enough of them! I just bought a new case for my over 400 dispensers. Dusting them sucks!!! Do you have some that I could have???????? I must have them!!! Send 'em to me at WAAF P.O. Box 1073 Boston Ma, 02215. I cannot explain my love for PEZ, at least it's not a sexual thing.(well not yet!)


Email quote from Mistress Carrie:

" I sent an email to Sondra about having TroopTrax help me and I got no response.
Now I'm getting shit for going on the air with it.
I never said it was my idea, I just said I was doing it.

Mistress Carrie is VERY confused. I think Michele and Carol and the rest are a bit too busy with their own project to be of any assistance! I also think she has trouble keeping track of details. ugh

I think you all suck!!

who's the fucking clod that sent this site up? . . . who ever you are, pull your head out of your mange and realize that we're all on the same team! . . . Support The Damn Troops!!!

OK. First all i thought we were supporting our troops, not starting a bitch fest of who thought of what and when. Gee, how original can you be lets support the troops!! That in itself isn't very original, someone had to come up with the idea and certain it wasn't in the 21st Century.

Secondly, "I don't know, Michele - she looks like she's into the whole "occult" thing and probably use her magical powers of soothsaying to dream up the idea before it was a twinkle in your eye."

Wtf is that?!?! Gee a little prejudice are we? I thought it was god bless america.... or is that God bless people who conform to society's standards of what is acceptable in america? Really when are all you people going to look past appearance before you start judging people. Here is someone else trying to help and all you do is complain about not being original and judging on appearance. If someone is trying to help stop bitching!