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i needed that

From a decision my boss wrote today:

But this is the legal equivalent of the argument that the cinematic quality of the comedian Jerry Lewis is proven by his popularity with fifty million citizens of France.

It may be the twenty cups of coffee speaking, but that made me giggle.

(Yes, I know there were three copies of this post up here. I blame the French. They are sabotaging me somehow).


You needed it REAL bad, huh?

Heh, that's good. If that comment is any indication of your boss in general, I like him. We could have used him as the judge in a recent legal proceeding I was involved in. Instead, we were stuck with a mental midget who was recently picked up for his 8th DUI (one including cocaine possession), and when pulled over by the police, admitted he'd been drinking, but "only 8 or nine beers!"

heh...i just had jury duty...the judge for the second case i was called on was a bitch. he asked all the women what their marital status was, had to have his hand in everything everyone was doing, reprimanded someone for not agreeing with the drug laws, and then didnt kill a line of questioning (keep in mind this was jury selection) that basically told all the jurors what the case was, what the defense and prosecutorial theories were, and that the guy was innocent. hell, the lawyers were practically arguing the case in front of us, and the judge was just looking at his clerks books, talking to people, not paying attention, etc.

thank god i didnt get picked for that one...