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in other news

Meanwhile, the angry farmer is still in the D.C. lake.

In case you were wondering.


Let's see, he says he has a bomb in Washington DC. Perhaps angry farmer is the wrong desciption. Perhaps terrorist fits better. Disable him and remove him immediatley. Shoot him or blow him up if necessary. Let's face it, if he was from Saudi Arabia dn his named was Abu Muhammad, you would be advocating this.

My tolerance for this kind of lunacy in a time of hostilities has officially dropped to 0.

I hate to sound like a Dixie Chick, but I'm ashamed that this redneck cretin is from NC. So he's a disgruntled tobacco farmer. OK. There are probably hundreds and hundreds just like him. Why not organize a protest and present a unified front, rather than spotlight one nut-case and tell the world he's a North Carolinian. I'm not happy about that.

Bigwig has a different take on this, regarding how his farm, his livelihood, has been nationalized.

Update: He surrendered....like France

Oh boy...another farmer who's enjoyed the largesse of government subsidies is demonstrating against hte government and demanding that the goverment do something about it.

Ho hum.

I think it's kind of hard to shoot a guy on a tractor -- not from a practical standpoint, but because the tractor lends an element of humor that defuses the tension, and therefore the urge to respond violently, just a bit.

I'm from N.C., if that makes a diff. I don't have much sympathy for tobacco farmers who complain about losing subsidies -- they've been warned for years, if not decades, that this is coming -- but I'm delighted to see this thing end without violence.