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shallow posting while we wait

Whatever shall we do? The Oscars are at the mercy of the war!

If there is any person in the world who right now is bitching and moaning and pissed off that their red carpet moment will be "truncated" be it a spoiled superstar or a groupie who hangs out at the red carpet are three days in advance, you need to have your ass kicked.

"Keeping in mind the world situation, the Academy has elected to prepare a more sober pre-show and a scaled-back arrivals sequence," Cates said during a Tuesday afternoon news conference. He said celebrities will not go through, as he puts it, the "business-as-usual" interviewing and photograph-taking familiar to television audiences from ceremonies in the past.

Cates said the celebrities will get out of their limousines and go directly through what's known as the "arrivals arch."

He said that many celebrities simply would feel uncomfortable, given the world situation, about doing some of the usual things.

Motion Picture Academy president Frank Pierson said at the press conference that the Academy "didn't want to do something that would look self-serving and frivolous on a night when our troops were in bloody combat. It would be absolutely inappropriate."

I guarantee you, right here in writing, that there are some celebrities who will be quite self-serving that evening, going out of their way to practically chew on the microphone while screaming no blood for ooooiiil!

Celebrities are not a group of people known to feel uncomfortable doing anything. Some of these people were the first to speak out on The Arrogance of America(tm) within days after 9/11.

It's only Wednesday, but it's not too early to start taking bets on who will make the first stupid statement during the awards.

I hope someone trips on that damn red carpet. Hopefully Melissa Rivers.

What was that about feeling edgy?


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Who the fuck is Oscar, anyway? Don't we have bigger fish to fry?

Felix deicated a calypso song to Oscar:
"Once there was a man named Oscar,(Oscar,Oscar,Oscar!)
And he turned on his best friend!
Oscar...Oscar...*falsetto voice*AHHHHHHH!!!"

But Michele, without the red carpet treatment, how will I ever know who designed Nicole Kidman's dress?

I would love to see who makes the first stupid statement, but I'm not going to watch the Oscars this year.

I'm tired of hearing the whining. I know one person boycotting their mental circle jerk will not make a difference, but I'm hoping enough people remind actors that they need us... we don't need them.

If Melissa Rivers tripped on the red carpet and busted her face wide open, she might look a little better. I am sad to say I watched about 30 seconds of that "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here show". She sure is one whiny ass bitch.


Sounds like a pool in the making: Who will be the first to make an anti-war comment? However, does a comment during the "entry phase" count, or for it to be official do they have to be on the podium?

Anything that could shorten that damned program would be a welcome relief. Not that I watch it. But having done so in the past, I know it's just waaaay too long.

I used to be certain that Michael Moore would win Best Documentary and make an acceptance speech full of psychotic anti-war/anti-Bush/anti-American ("Anti-American?! But dissent is PATRIOTIC!") rhetoric. However, the latest word is that "Bowling for Columbine" is no longer a shoo-in. (See http://us.imdb.com/PeopleNews/#3 for more info.) At any rate, I'm still convinced that Richard Gere is going to babble about how we shouldn't get rid of Saddam, and instead just wait for the Butcher of Baghdad to die of old age and be reincarnted as a dung beetle or something.

if renee zellweiner wins, i'd bet she'd be the first to get up and give a natalie maines "ashamed the pres is from texas" bullshit statement.

then again, i'm not putting it past gwyneth to bumrush the stage and sound off.

fuck bush

fuck all those pansy-ass, whiney,Left-wing morons. they're all so damn misguided...either that or just plain stupid. i have yet to hear any celebrity anti-war/bush rhetoric that was based on any logic. they need to either come back with some facts to back the rebuttle or keep their mouths shut. all michael moore did that night was make himself look like a dumbass.