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while you're waiting

This is NOT from The Onion:

Jody Mason of Olympia is locked to the Washington State Grange office building Tuesday to protest war. He intended to chain himself to a federal Department of Energy office building, but discovered he was at the wrong location.

Yes, I'm easily amused.


You're not the only one.

marcus shenkenberg was inducted to the "superodel hall of fame"

The parental units of the that rachel corrie who got herself runned over by bulldozer this weekend were at the state capital also today. They're DEMANDING a U.S. Military investigation into her jumping onto the blade, falling off, and gettin' squshed.

Now that I've seen the parents, I know where the girl got her start .

That's pretty funny. It sounds like he picked the most governmental-looking building in Olympia not on the Capital Campus.

"This one looks official, it must be it!"