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I saw two fighter jets on my way to work today.

I'm still not sure if I feel comforted or frightened by that.

Amusement still lingers. Two more clip art madness contributions:

From my sister Lisa

Scooter of Karma to Burn.


I actually heard one flying overhead last night in Queens. How do I know what a fighter jet sounds like, you ask? Because I saw and heard one flying overhead on 9/11.

Makes me feel more comfortable, actually.

Being that I live next to an Air Force base, sounds of jets don't really bother me. What freaked me out was on 9-11 when 2 jets went super-sonic. It shook the entire building complex I was in (a Circuit City at the time), rattling things off the walls, etc. First thing that hit my mind was "Dear God, they've hit the base". Fortunately, I was wrong, but that sound and feeling will be with me forever. Suddenly sounds of regular jets just don't bother me anymore.

In "Dereliction of Duty: The Eyewitness Account of How Bill Clinton Compromised America's National Security," the former presidential aide says that in 1997 he got a call from Lt. Col. Mark Donnelly, an Air Force One pilot and commander of the Presidential Pilot Office.
"We got a problem," Donnelly said. "One of our female stewards claims she was approached and touched inappropriately by President Clinton and she's upset."

Lt. Col. Donnelly said the attack happened "in one of the galleys on Air Force One. Apparently he cornered her."

Lt. Col. Patterson said he was distressed at the news. "I knew the woman Mark was referring to. She was bright, cheery and beautiful. She was also an enlisted member of the United States Air Force - and had just, apparently, been sexually molested by the commander in chief."

Donnelly told his colleague that the Clinton assault victim was "really upset but she doesn't want this to get out. She just wants an apology." [This is an excerpt]

Ok, not sure what the previous post had to do with hearing fighter planes (unless Clinton was making a lot of noise on Air Force One??).

Anyway, I know what you mean, Michele. I've been watching a veritable stream of military helicopters fly over my beach. Frightening, but awe-inspiring, too.

When you hear an Air Force jet streak overhead, remember what that noise is: