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iraqi II, electric bugaloo

It's one of those days when I have too much going on in my mind and the thoughts are entwined like snakes in a cage. I can't separate the war from the protests from the local news from every other news flash and headline and whining child that appears before me. They've all combined to form a huge black cloud that is going to taunt me all day.

Is anyone else jumping out of their skin today? Yea, I bet we all are.

Even with all war, all the time playing on your local tv stations and weblogs everywhere, the mundane things of life still play an important part of the day. Lunches to make, clothes to iron, work to do, kids to shove out the door and onto the bus, a lunch date to keep. Life goes on around us while we worry about life not going on around us.

Anyhow, it's going to take me a while to sort out everything I wanted to write about today. In the mean time, I thought we squeeze the last drops of fun and games out of world events before we latch ourselves to the remote tonight, switching between news channels to see who is ahead in the race to bring us Live! War! on the tv.

An emailer this morning suggested that we find a decent name for this war, as Gulf War II is just lame and what kind of graphic will that make on CNN? How droll.

And forget Iraqi II. I already thought of that one. (Rocky II, get it? No? Damn.)


MB has ALREADY worn a path from the entrance to the very rear of her den from pacing. Even doing galley-slave duty has not kept her from running to see the TV and checking stuff on her comp. Back and forth she goes.

"The Battle of Iraq"

i'm freaking out. thanks for being present online. it helps. if anything could.

Michele, it's the Liberation of Iraq.

The military (and I suppose the politicians) are calling it Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Pretty bland.

I forget which blog I saw it on, but someone labelled it "The War on Terror, SW Asia Theater, Mesopotamia Front." While this doesn't roll trippingly off of the tongue, it is dead on accurate.

Ollie reported from one of the Marine units. They're calling it Baghdad Urban Renewal Project (BURP).

I'm not jumping out of my skin, but only because I'm too tired from shoveling snow (2+ feet here in Denver).

As for a name ... I dunno ... Saddamectomy? Tikrit Terror Termination?