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final thought of the day

Nothing says "heightened security" like traffic cones strategically placed in front of federal buildings.

"Stop, you terrorists! My magical orange cone will keep you away!"

I feel so much safer now.


I have them all around my house for that exact reason.

Also my cubicle at work. No terrorists are getting in here!

Damnit, did you HAVE to blog about that?? Now we're not going to be able to buy them anywhere!!! First you tell everybody about the plastic sheeting and duct tape, now the orange cones. IS NOTHING SACRED WITH YOU???

Sounds like the old joke about English police (bobbies): "Stop! or else I'll yell Stop! again."

Don't taunt the cones, man. The cones don't get mad, they get even. Beware the cones.

I felt safer when I realised the security for my federal building are the same 6-7 grey haired gents who were there in 1990.

Ah, the safety of experience.

Stephen King wrote a little memoir about the time he got drunk and stole all the traffic cones from a road construction site and got arrested.

Orange cones match the terror alert. That's why they make you safe.

It's when the Bob's Barricades start appearing that you know to be really afraid.

whew Glad that I'm taking this week off, and may be in jury duty next week. I don't envy my other co-workers at that Federal building...

I love the comment about the orange cones. Thanks for giving me a laugh, I needed that. Yes, we are all totally unsure of what is to happen next, but we are all in this boat together. Let's try and think positive and hope that it ends before we even know anything started.

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