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was i supposed to be laughing?

And to think, I once thought Neal Pollack was funny.

See, there's parody, there's irony, and then there's Neal Pollack, whose make-believe song about 9/11 crosses that line between humor and "you are a fucking idiot."

It's as if Ted Rall and Dave Matthews gave birth to a song. It's pretty damn ugly.

(thanks to NC for pointing this out. I think.)

note: my sense of humor is on low level tonight.


i'd like to know how the song goes beyond parody - he even made up an asshole character to deliver it. it's funny, unless you actually believe any of the things it says or have no sense of irony, and obviously neither of those apply to you. i applaud all efforts to mock sanctimony and/or country music (it sounds like a parody of country to me), and i think this does a pretty decent job. from reading pollack the last few eeeks, he doesn't seem to have any valid opinon on iraq, that he's willing to voice anyway. it's all in fun.

Sounds like something lameasses like Charlie Daniels and Andy Sullivan would come up with.

Maybe it's just me, but I never thought Neal Pollack was funny.

Who's Neal Pollack?

"Crispy critters" = funny? Why?