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now that's just silly

I think the word for this is overboard:


Ya, I guess, but if it were "one of us" to display it we'd find it funny. You KNOW we would;-). I need one of those counters for how long I have have not had television access (1/2 way through week four) and I am SO glad!

Yeah, but it made me laugh. Boy, I miss the New York media. Richmond is a nice town, but its tv stations all suck.

MSNBC began their countdown clock pretty much right after Bush's speech last night. It started with just hours and minutes, but I guess someone finally realized that waiting a full 60 seconds before anything changes loses some of the suspense. Now it's h:m:s

Oh, and I have my own DHTML countdown on my site ;) Sometime we need some silliness, ya know?

I'm just waiting for the 24-7 green footage. "During that Persian Gulf War, I was sitting in my living room, naked, with a can of Budweiser and a three inch stake watching the war, live, on TV. I had a six foot erection with a giant cheese burger on the end of it. I ate so much meat during the war that by the time the war was over three weeks later, I was like, "No no no. We need to keep fighting. Make a couple of stops on our way home from the Persian Gulf. First stop! Vietnam! Surprise the fuck out of those people, huh?" "You make a movie?" "Not this time, pal!"

Leary lives on.