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someone fill me in!

I can't get on to any news sites. I shouldn't even be on here at all as I'm swamped with work and besides, there is a juicy sex scandal of a trial going on down the hallway and I'm busy trying to get the goods.

Anyhow, the day and life goes on as if war didn't matter:

On top of all the stuff we had to deal with in regards to DJ last week, we have to bring him back to the doctor today because he is still running a fever, hasn't eaten in five days and has a very wet cough.

I call mom to tell her.

Me: Dr. Andy says DJ may have pneumonia.
Mom: Oh! You know there's that deadly disease going around?

Thanks, mom.

This is the woman who sent me the following email last week:

i am in the process of compiling a list of all my stuff and who gets what. if there is anything of mine you'd like to inherit please let me know. and not next year. asap? if not, i'll see that the stuff is either sold or donated to something.

She claims she is very healthy (and she's young, relatively speaking), she just felt like making a list for future reference. It seemed rather abrupt to me, but that's my mother. I bet she's just doing this because she feels like she'll be gipped out of some good entertainment if we fight over this stuff after she's dead.

My two sisters can fight over the Precious Moments and good china, but Lisa and I are going to have an all out brawl over mom's collection of hockey fight tapes and the autographed Islanders jersey.

So, what's going on out there?


As for Mom's list, she probably just wanted to use Excel.

As for the stuff... I'll fight you. And you'll lose. Miserably. I EARNED that jersey. When YOU sit thru 1,000 games with Mom and play "spot the canadians" in the crowd in between periods, then you can have the jersey. Til, then. MINE.

YOU can have her recipe box. HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Not a lot going on except for a fabulous birthday on my end of the world. Nothing like having a great day ON your actual birthday.

Why? So I can make hot dog casseroles?

No thanks.

Hey, I'll take her pots and pans. They ones that weren't thrown out from being scorched in the oven are probably like new from lack of use!

Just heard on Fox News that if we invade, then Iraq is going to the United Nations (through Syria) to ask for a condemnation of the U.S. I laughed 'til I stopped.

Hope DJ is feeling better soon!

I hope DJ gets better, too

You knew it was coming---among Smart kidnapper charges---Aggravated sexual assault.

> there is a juicy sex scandal of a trial
> going on down the hallway

Don't leave us hanging like that, Michele!

I just registered my car, The Mardiflage Mobile, in the Houston Art Car parade. May 10 in Houston. Other than that, just waiting to see that MOAB in Action. Let's see, tonight is 24 hours. Damn, we have to wait 'til tomorrow night!

Hurry on Sundown, see what tomorrow brings. That is a Hawkwind lyric.

As for your mom, sounds like the good old-fashioned Italian morbidity my dad used to dole out.

I hope DJ gets better soon.