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french reasoning

Hmmm. I thought that France was under the impression that Saddam wasn't an imminent threat because he had no chemical or biological weapons of mass destruction.

Then what do they mean by this:

"If Saddam Hussein were to use chemical and biological weapons, this would change the situation completely and immediately for the French government," Jean-David Levitte told CNN.

So, he's going to use those weapons that HE DOESN'T HAVE?? Can anyone spot the inconsistencies here?

How do you say "Don't call us, we'll call you" in French?


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I sincerely hope that the French government offers to assist and that the President himself publicly states (in no uncertain terms) that we have absolutely no need or use for it.

How do you say "backpedaling" in French?

or like, "well, if he actually uses them on us, then we'll back a war."

like we're going to wait for him to use them? hello?

Chirac is one of those idiot politicians who doesn't realize that you can't build a permanent base of support on a lie.

The problem, from a Machevlian point of view, is that people can realize that they've been lied to pretty quickly. That's the transition from ignorance to knowledge. but the transition in the other direction is much slower, it takes years for knowledge to become obsolete.

At some point, maybe this year, maybe next something will happen that will show the French public that they've been sold a pack of lies and Chirac's career, and that of his supporters will suffer,

The dissident frogman (he's got a blog) says that he found a French teacher's manual from the '80s that says that teachers are to make clear to their students that the Soviet Union is a bastian of democracy and virtue, while America is a facist empire bent on the destruction of democracy and world domination.

I knew that the French government called itself Socialist, but since French society is so clearly capitalist or at least market socialist, I assumed that the government was as mild as, say the Canadian NDP.

I guess rhetoric doesn't have to bear any relationship to reality. If I'm to believe frogman the French were teaching their children Soviet propaganda while living in a nearly American style society... Complete disconnect.

You could laugh and say that they were preparing to surrender to the Soviet, just in case.

It may be that the French are completely insane from all this. I hope not.

ne nous appelez pas, nous vous appellera is the direct translation.

gotta love that french class...yknow, they dont seem so weasely when youre living there. it only comes out in their international politics and love of cheese. i mean, i love cheese too, but to base a culture around it?

Joshua (and anyone else that reads this),
the amount of support for Chirac in this country is not exactly sky-high. actually, he is known to have used government funds to throw parties and such when he was in a lower office (I think he was mayor of Paris?). the problem is in that this was not discovered until after the first time he was elected, and then...

last election, a huge number of people threw their votes to the extreme-right candidate to vote their displeasure with the current government (apparently this is a form of french governmental protest and has happened many times before). however, the number of people doing so this past time caused the the preliminary elections to be completely wacko, and left the two choices for the presidental election to be either Chirac, or the Front National candidate (the FN is a party which is pro-France everything, and pretty much anti-everything... anti-European Union, anti-immigration, anti-foreign culture, etc... basically a way to masquerade racism and hatred as a political party). So Chirac got voted in my an insane percentage, and voila.

the laws somehow state that Chirac cannot be tried for his prior embezzlement as long as he is in office, so he is trying his best to do everything the french people want to avoid spending his days in jail. being that the majority of the french public doesn't want this war, he isn't backing it either. whee.

the french have never said, "hey, we like saddam. we think he's a nice guy." they're just not willing to hide behind a veil of "failed disarming" and "terrorism links."

Kismet, come on, disarming failed completely! We're supposed to believe that Saddam distroyed all his anthrax and chemical weapons secretly when he could have gotten sanctions lifted by doing it publicly. I'm not THAT stupid.

The terrorism links argument is a long one, but valid as well. I spent a little time watching French channel #2 when Powel went to the UN the first time and I got a clear impression that the reporters were avoiding letting the French people know about the valid arguements that Powel made. I didn't watch too long, but if I'm right, then the French media is either corrupt, or biggoted and incompetent.

If this were an episode of South Park Chirac would be the Devil to Saddam's bitch.

I said it once and I'll keep saying it until the war is over and France and the U.S. are buddies again: Fudge the French.

Michele, I registered with Bloggerzone :)
Thanks for the help.

i hate french dressing and... oh... wait... i thought your title said French Seasoning...

I think the French way of saying it is FUCK YOU!

Gee. Thanks for the HELP, guys.

You wouldn't HELP before, but you're willing to HELP now. Now, that we've told you to go piss up a rope. Now that you've said you'll block any military action with a veto. Now that it looks like you're going to have all your oil contracts with Iraq VOIDED - (Hmmm. The peacenicks are right - it WAS all about the "ooooiiilll" - only not the way they figured) you indicate you're willing to HELP.

Go away. The time to offer your HELP was months ago. Now it looks like you're desparately trying to maintain your 'relevance' in the world. But Chirac's already blown that for you.

And an official in the French president's office referred to statements made Monday by French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin, who said, "If the U.S. and our allies face a new and unforeseen situation in a new crisis, France would obviously be on their side to show solidarity in the face of an exceptional crisis."
Oh. Really?

You missed your chance to show the 'solidarity', guys. Now you're going to try to pretend that 'veto' crap wasn't serious, that it was all good diplomatic fun and games? That you didn't really mean it? That you'll be there when the chips start flying?

Forgive my skepticism - but we've seen what your 'solidarity in the face of an exceptional crisis' is worth. That plus a buck and a nickle will buy a McChicken sandwich.

Alex, I made up this joke before I saw your post--honest!

Q: Why hasn't a frenchman won the Tour de France in years?
A: They backpedal too much.

It's only funny if you're a cycling fan. . .and also if you know why Bernard Hinaul won the last tour, when his teammate Greg LeMond should have.

Go to www.google.com

Type in 'French Military Victories' and instead of clicking 'search',

click - 'I'm feeling lucky'

Click on the offered result.

The French didn't claim that Saddam doesn't have WMD,they just claimed he was "cooperating".

The first one would have been a lie,the latter is a matter of perception.

Meaning:If Saddam melts a few missiles,the French claim he's going to give up the rest pretty soon.Which is nonsense of course,they don't REALLY trust Saddam that much,but neither can you prove that they don't.See?

No, I can't see that. The resolutions for disarmament required full compliance, not just 'cooperation'. To argue that because there is 10% success instead of 0% does not address the core issue.
Or, perhaps, I don't fully understand the reasoning behind the 'cooperation' argument.

Why Bush doesn't like Saddam who is in power with force but he is friendly with president of Pakistan who is just same like Saddam? Why he attacks Irak who never make any demonstration of weapons , but he never speaks about Korea who is looking for war with states ? No petrole in Korea ?

Take a look at these pics to see really what will happen in Iraq , this is the american girl killed by israelian buldozzer , and no any official reaction from our authorities , cause they know they will kill with same way in Iraq This is a big shame !

Take a look at these pics to see really what will happen in Iraq , this is the american girl killed by israelian buldozzer , and no any official reaction from our authorities , cause they know they will kill with same way in Iraq This is a big shame ! http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article1248.shtml

Thanks for US who promissed to give 10 billions $ aid to Israel . Read the Jerusalem post of today

>Kismet, come on, disarming failed completely!

Hum, i think thats the best way to disarm was to do like before.

The UN boss: Kofi Annan said that the period by their method in the 90s was more effective than the method of first Iraq War.

Anyway, i hope that the iraquian will leave in peace. And i hope that Bush wont keep the Iraquian Petrol for him and some of his friends.