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proof that i should have gone to bed already

I really need to get a good night's sleep before I completely lose my mind.

Or perhaps I have already.



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Aw, darn...just think of all of those translators who will be out of work...what a cryin' shame...

And I was just mentioning to Robyn how much we needed a Hans Blix. I can inspect the neighbors now!

I hope they auction off the leather seats seperately, and not in large lots. Cause hoo-boy, I likes me a leather seat!

I want some of those pens. Imagine; you sign a document, and it immediately becomes worthless. I'm signing all my checks with one of those from now on.

What about the Hookers From Around The World who surely roam the U.N. halls? Who's going to take care of them now?

Do you remember the movie Charade?
Reggie Lambert (played by Audrey Hepburn) worked as a simultaneous translator at the UN.

I'll give you $10 for France

I'll bid $25 and an old shoe (single, not pair) for France.

Its a pretty good deal when you consider Turkey costs billions.

Hmmm, I could put Hans on my lawn next to the flamingos and the elves.

Come on, people! France has some prime grape growing land. World class, even. $25 is an insult.

I bid $500 for France. HA! (But, do we have to keep the French people?)

What'll ya take for the "Libya - Human Rights Commission Chair" sign?