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i'm so sorry i edited that last post about this

On the subject of Rachel Corrie, please go here to see why the pictures of her standoff and death pissed me off so much.

The people Rachel was working for could give a rat's ass about her. To them, she is just another "martyr" for the cause and they will paint her death in a completely different color than the truth. She was just another dumb American that International Solidarity Movement could use as a pawn to play on the emotions of American Palestinian terrorist supporters.

Spare me the tears, spare me the glowing eulogies and flags draped over mock coffins and cries of hero-worship. She was not a child. She was 23. She made a choice, and that choice was to sleep with evil, as far as I'm concerned.

She did not die because she stood up for her convictions. She died because she was stupid.

And now her death will be used and abused for more propaganda.


Rachel Corrie was a useful idiot who paid the ultimate price for stupidity. She got in the way of very heavy machinery and the machinery won. Too bad, so sad.

Let her death serve as an object lesson to those who follow in her footsteps. What would happen to an American who tried to stand in the way of a paleostine homicide bomber?

Only been visiting your blog for a very short while, but I gotta tell ya, I'm liking you already!

Such a shame that instead of realizing this as a tragedy, both sides of the Israel / Palestine argument have decided to use Rachel's death as a wedge issue.

The accusation that the people with Rachel did not care for her may or may not be true, but as-is it is completely and 100% unfounded.

Claiming that she was "another dumb American" and attempting to sully her name is disgusting. She died not because "she was stupid" but because in what may have been an accident or a murder, a bulldozer ran her over. A BULLDOZER RAN HER OVER.

I hope that you are never shown such inhospitality and hatred should such a horrible event occur to you or your loved ones.

People get run over everyday. The term "stupid" is usually reserved for those people who deliberately put themselves in harms way, as opposed to those who get run over accidently.

In the US, about 15 pedestrians are killed everyday. We should feel sad about them.

Rachel Corrie was stupid.

The Palestinians have the world's most amazing record for betraying their dead by using death politicially.
They lie about / use both the innocent dead and the non-innocent, all the time.
I remember an interview with people who'd been at the Sabera and Shantilla massacres. The Phalange (Christian militia) were the ones who did the massacreing.
The interesting thing was that, none of the stories told implicated Israel in any way, in fact they pointed in other directions, but despite that the Palestinians interviewed managed to blame "Israel and the Phlange" in almost every sentence,
Israel is the current enemy, and they were falling over each other to use the deaths of their friends and families as politicial fodder.
Its experence like this that reminds me that the word "Philistine" is an old word for Palestinian.

It's a sad story.

I read some of her writings. It's clear she was suffering from youthful leftist confusion and from the early stages of culture shock. The latter is a kind of mania/euphoria as you feel "liberated" from your home culture and start to idealize the new culture.

At the same time, she was improperly trained for her mission. One needs special training to interact with the Israeli military without getting hurt.

And at the end of the day, she was probably being stubborn, and tripped and fell at a really bad moment. The ground in the photos looked pretty rough so it would be easy to back up and fall over. The Israeli bulldozer driver then probably lost sight of her and thought she'd moved aside. Instead, he ran her over. In any case, an investigation will not be believed.

Rachel Corrie was in way over her head over there. She made a dumb mistake, and tragically, she doesn't get to make another one. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Who among us hasn't done something really stupid in our 20s that could've cost us our lives? Speeding? Drunk driving? Drugs? Unsafe sex? Hitchhike? A drive to the White Castle in Orange, N.J. after midnight?

Another "international" was injured by a bulldozer earlier the same day; they were playing with fire, very deliberately. She just got burned worse than the first guy. It's sad, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a stupid thing to do.

Playing "chicken" with the IDF is never a good idea, and I'll bet Rachel and her friends would have loudly agreed... in any other context than the one they were indulging themselves in. "There is none so blind..."

Hmmmm...Is that a bulldozer? I think I will stand in front of it while its moving,

Who gives a flying F@ck what her ideoligies were. Standing in front of heavy machinery while its moving towards you is just plain STUPID!!!!!

I hope the damn thing swearved to hit her. I have absolutly no compation for people like this. As far as I am concerned we should use more people like this as shields. If they feel so strongly about their cause then please take the place of all the innocent people who have been killed by homicide bombers.


Her death was inspiring I can't believe what I am hearing from you people!

Upon her death we can all learn the dangers of sitting in front of bulldozers. If she never died we would never know not to do this!

don't even try to apologize or even further explain. they will not listen anyway. I think she was stupid. Stand in front of a huge piece of machinery and hope that it stops? suicide is what that is. kinda like playing chicken. sometimes you make it, sometimes you get crushed. I have no sympathy for her either.

I wish we had a video clip of the squishing. When I give tailgate safety meetings, I stress that hydraulic power ALWAYS wins over flesh! Getting actors to stage falls and things is easy. Staging an actual squishing is more difficult--what an opportunity we missed.

If there's any good to come out of her death, it's that it inspired me to create a new ready.gov parody. ;)

I hope they bury her six and a half feet under Hell.

Hmmm. Trying to decide if I agree with everyone or not. As a former Marine, I agreed to possibly forgo life so that others may enjoy it. She may have been doing the same thing.

No, never mind. As a Marine, I had a chance. I could fight back with that which was trying to kill me, and if my portion of the fight failed, my fellow soldiers could continue. She didn't stand a chance.

She was dumb. I agree. Sad to see death at any level, but it doesn't relieve her of stupidity.

I will no longer refer to them as "peace" activists. They should be refered to now as hate activists.

In Palestine, "hate activist" is a good term.. At least its a good term for some of the official peace activists that Arafat endorses.

I wonder if this lesson will have any effect on the knuckleheads who are threatening to disrupt OUR military bases?

Evolution in action.

Who were the buffoons who filled her head so full of lies that she thought that terrorists who blow up innocent civilians were the "good guys"? Those are the people who are responsible for her death,

According to eye witnesses - she was not standing in front of the bulldozer - she was standing on the blade screaming at the driver - She killed herself. No sympathy for someone who has so little regard for thier own safety. If she was a moron

If the Israelis are such monsters, why did she have faith that the driver would stop? She was relying on the humanity of the very people she despised.

The anti-capitalist shitfucks at indemedia don't even bother to spell her name right while they try to get mileage out of her death!

Y'know, I just can't get all hyped up about this being the fault of the driver.

Anyone see the first "Austin Powers" movie? Remember the part where they're in the huge and empty warehouse & the large roller is headed towards the inept security guard, at a pace of about 3 feet per minute? And the guard starts screaming when it's about 20 feet away?

Sorry, I've operated a bulldozer and a friggin' turtle (or, as Zorro, the gay blade would say: 'tuttle") could get out of the way of one of those things.

Her ass got too close to a place that it didn't belong. Don't put your hand in the fire unless you're looking to get burned.

Maybe we can do all we can to insure that the 'human shields' get wind of this story, eh?

You are all of you stupid , a woman who dies for freedom , you talk bad about her , shame for you , our government signed 10 billions $ aid for Israel , Israel this small country , get 10 billions , and we are going to Iraq to steal them , to steal their petrole

yes , stupid "big boys "

"Stand in front of a bulldozer and expect to run over" would work if the bulldozer had a mind of its own. The fact is that the bulldozer was being operated by a human being who had a choice as to whether or not to exert caution when a human being was clearly standing directly in front of the machine. Just as Corrie had a choice to stand in front of the bulldozer, the driver had a choice of whether or not to move forward.

Corrie made some choices as well.

She chose to go to Palestine. She chose to support terrorists. She chose to guard the house of a terrorist. She chose not to move when the bulldozer came at her.

Rachel is my nominee for this year's Darwin awards.