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there goes my blood pressure

"I'm saddened," Daschle, D-South Dakota, said in a speech to the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. "Saddened that this president failed so miserably at diplomacy that we're now forced to war. Saddened that we have to give up one life because this president couldn't create the kind of diplomatic effort that was so critical for our country."

Sometimes all you can say is, fuck you. Asshat. finger2.gif

I found that smiley over here, which I got to from over here.


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Michele, he is beneath contempt. GAZE through his worthless carcass.

I move we begin deportation hearings at once, and get this weasel on the next boat bacl to France.

He's so bitter that he's never going to be President.

LMFAO... This blog is fucking hilarious.

Michele, you are without a doubt the most outspoken blogger I've ever come across, and I love it.

I just discoved this blog a few days ago and it's already become one of my favourites.

Where were Daschle's constructive suggestions for this "diplomatic problem"? There were none, because the stupid asshead would rather sit and sulk like some high school kid whose club got bumped off the yearbook planning committee.

In the words of Mr. Vernon from 'The Breakfast Club': He's a "gutless turd."

I found this article in the Weekly Standard showing how Daschle behaved in 1998 in the same situation.

How is a piece of paper signed by some low-life jerks supposed to help us free Iraq.

We should have sympathy for Sen. Daschle. That he can become "saddened" by the President's failure to do the impossible demonstrates either that he has regressed into a strange fantasy world of his own, or that his has an uncomnonly frail psyche. What he needs is prozac and a one-way ticket to some tropical island somewhere. This would have the benefit not only of alleviating his dolour but of sparing us his idiocy.

Some times all we can say is "NO, Fuck YOU America!" You war mongers!
This is an unjustified war and I'm DAMN glad my country and EVERY other civilized country in the world will NOT be participating in this farce.
George Bush said the US did nothing to deserve this threat. I say What Threat? Weapons that don't exist? Links to terrorists which cannot be shown or proven? Sorry, but it doesn't matter how often Bush says Iraq, Saddam, Al-Qaeda, and Weapons of Mass Destruction in one breath, it doesn't make his idiocy any less false. I say get this massacre over with quickly, so the world will be proven right when they call America the land of tyranny and opression.

Is Tom Daschle's middle name 'Stannis'?

Ditto, Michele.

The funny thing is, even if we were "successful" diplomatically, we would STILL be going to war. What part of that does he not understand.

Which came first... the Democratic party or France? Both define themselves by opposing the U.S.... and appear to have little else to offer.

Stannis, calm down and wipe the spittle from your lips. Try a Prozac. I think they come in chewables.

"This is an unjustified war"

What part of 1441 makes this so unjustified? I'm still at a loss how that resoution can be refuted. He has NOT disarmed, time to pay.

"Links to terrorists which cannot be shown or proven?"

Umm, they've proven a bunch of terrorist ties. Can you say "Money for suicide bombers"? Hamas...Plus the training camps, plus the fundings.... Al-Queso ties are fuzzy, I agree, but we're talking about terrorists, There's a 's' on the end there.

"land of tyranny & oppression"

What country do you hail from? I've yet to see a country that directly suffers under the cruel hand of the states.

I am going to bed now with the pleasant thought that somewhere, in some country, there's a pissed of dude who thinks I'm a tyrant. Cool!

May I ask, Stannis, what your defination of "civilised country" is. It seems to me that any such defination that does not include Australia, the UK, Spain, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, indeed, most of Europe, as well as those courtries in the middle east that the President mentioned, is either very ethnocentric, or just weirdly esoteric.

Stannis? I'm going out on a limb by assuming you are Canadian. We neither need nor want any of your neo-socialists contributing anyhting to this war effort. You would just get in the way and slow us down.

There is a threat to the whole world coming out of the middle east. It is radical islam. We've got to start somewhere and madman Sadam is a good place to start. I wonder how you can possible support a person who uses poison gas on his own people, tortures children in front of their parents, rapes women in front of their husbands. I guess it must be moral equivalency again. Anything a despot does to his own people is okay. I wonder when Cretin (misspelled on purpose) will begin using the same methods on Candians. Would you want us to sit back and let Cretin murder, torture, and rape Candians?

Stannis, I'm guessing you're in your mid-30s and live with your mother while you are finishing your master's degree in English. Please go to Iraq and become a human shield. Quick. You have 48 hours to get there and make a last stand for fascism.

For those of you that want to see the Al Qaeda link to Iraq - read this article: Spain links suspect in 9/11 plot to Baghdad courtesy of Glenn Reynolds.

I want to know what that asshole Stannis is gonna say when Saddam starts spraying the chemical weapons that he doesn't have...


If you'd like to see how Sen Daschle supported military action against Iraq and fully backed the (Democrat)President, check out this article over at the Weekly Standard:


Here's an excerpt: "I hope Saddam Hussein and those who are in control of the Iraqi government clearly understand the resolve and determination of this administration and this country. This may be a political year, . . . but on this issue there can be no disunity. There can be no lack of cohesion. We stand united, Republicans and Democrats, determined to send as clear a message with as clear a resolve as we can articulate: Saddam Hussein's actions will not be tolerated. His willingness to brutally attack Kurds in northern Iraq and abrogate U.N. resolutions is simply unacceptable. We intend to make that point clear with the use of force, with the use of legislative language, and with the use of other actions that the president and the Congress have at their disposal.

Daschle also insisted on unity a year and a half later, when there was another showdown with Saddam. On February 11, 1998, with troops amassed throughout the Persian Gulf and the threat of war evident, Daschle declared that Saddam "has to agree that there will be compliance with international law and the agreements that he signed in 1991. Period."

Daschle wasn't finished. "Look, we have exhausted virtually our diplomatic effort to get the Iraqis to comply with their own agreements and with international law. Given that, what other option is there but to force them to do so? . . . The answer is, we don't have another option. We have got to force them to comply, and we are doing so militarily."


I'm sorry. Stannis is my personal slave. I bought him at the local Republican Party Slave Auction and Flower Show last month. So far he's proved to be quite intransigent, and I'm thinking of selling him on Ebay. Just last week he broke out of his pen (he used a nail file to saw through his chains; I've got to stop buying that cheap Walmart crap) and I tracked him down in the parking lot at Albertson's, trying to talk a Puerto Rican couple into smuggling him to Puerto Vallarta. Now I see he's broken out of his cage again and has gotten onto my computer. Anyway, I've got him hogtied out in the back yard, so it won't happen again.

Trust me. He is an embarassment here in South Dakota. This will be his last term

Stannis...so many have taken the time to reply to you, but their message has not been clear enough, Let me take this time to spell it out for you.

Sit and spin. I have a one way ticket to france (lower case on purpose) just for you.

Stannis, I'm going to do what the other's didn't bother with - a last ditch application of logic.
Try to follow the bouncing ball, each point doesn't by itself prove that there's a threat, they are part of an argument that all together proves a threat, ok?

I'm going to have to be very brief because this isn't my blog and I don't have an hour to waste on a post like this.

1. Saddam did have WMD. We know this because he had them before the first gulf war. We know who sold him anthrax etc.. and we even remember him using gas.

2. He still has them. If he wanted to get rid of them, he could have gotten the sanctions lifted. Why would he get rid of the weapons secretly and gain nothing from that, when he could get rid of them publicly and get the sanctions lifted,

3. He does have ambitions to take over the middle east - he's never kept that a secret.

4. Islamic Militants have declared war on the United States. If I collected every declaration of war on us I could find, I'd have dozens and I don't even speak Arabic. No doubt there are thousands of Islamic Militant leaders who've called for a Jihad against the United States. Thousands sounds high to you? Consider that it's been estimated that 10% to 15% of the world's 1 billion Muslims are Islamists - people who's ideology is similar to Osama Bin Ladin's.

5. Saddam Hussein has been courting various Islamists, denouncing the west and there is one set of Islamist terrorists that he has been supporting VERY publicly. $25,000 to each Palestinian family that has a suicide terrorist member, $10,000 to each Palestinian family with a member who died fighting the Israelis, lesser amounts to families with wounded, If you hadn't noticed, most of those Palestinian terrorist groups have called for attacks on the United States. Even Arafat's own party keeps calling for terrorists to strike the United States - though Arafat himself keeps saying the opposite, I consider it a sign that we are finally starting to scare our enemies that Islamic Jihad just released a statement saying that they will NOT attack America (in specific we must have scared the Syrian moneymen who back Islamic Jihad).

6. There are some enemies who are deferrable and some that are not.
a) For one thing, the Arabs are used to hiding their attacks behind veils of deniability. They pay someone ELSE to attack and never take credit for it. How can you have deterrence or even mutually assured destruction when you can't even pin an attack on it's instigator?

b) Second of all, both Arab society and Arab despots are so anti-humanistic that you can not deter many governments by threatening their populations. Iraq (Saddam), Syria and Jordan have all done political purges on their own population where they killed tens of thousands of civilians in a day or two!!! Those leaders just don't care enough about human life to be deterred by threats of force.

7. It's possible to trust democratic governments not to abuse WMD. But some nondemocratic regimes cannot be trusted. When a single individual is in charge, then it's possible for that person to be too uncaring, too criminal or too insane to refrain from horrible crimes. As technology makes weapons more destructive and less detectable, we finally come to the point where brutal, ambitious despots are such a danger to life that their existence can not be tolerated. We have reached that point, and we will pass that point when biotechnology reaches the point where any kid with a computer can hack together a doomsday virus... That day will arrive sooner than you think, but the principle already applies with current technology.

8. One can already read articles by Islamists saying that the openness and fairness of western civilization should be used against it. One has only to look at Israel to see the birth of a new kind of warfare and an ideology that glorifies it. Individual terrorists sneak in and kill as many people as they can - not caring who they kill or whether they themselves die in the process. It's a crazy, morally indefensible ideology, and hundreds of millions of people already are sympathetic to it and as I said a good 100,000,000 wholehearted subscribe to the fascist utopian vision behind it. We can't allow WMD to become available in this new political climate.

So yes there is a real threat. I understand this is a lot to absorb, but sticking your head in the ground won’t make your country safer. Only fighting a long social and sometimes military battle will make the world safe, and it probably won’t be all that safe for a couple of generations. Sorry for the bad news. Welcome to cold, hard reality.

Daschle is a creep. I was born and grew up in South Dakota. I'm ashamed of my home state for continuing to elect this gaping hole, and I hope that he gets tossed out at the end of his term.

But then I'm now a Minnesotan, so there's plenty of shame in other areas. :-) (Garrison Keillor, the Wellstone Memorial and Bake Sale, That circus freak Jesse Ventura, Mark Dayton the invisible Senator, blah blah blah...)

i just find it fascinating that people like stannis (and other assholic morons like gwyneth paltrow) have acquired this "special ability" to KNOW that iraq has no weapons of mass destruction. hey, they also would NEVER hurt us! isn't that fucking amazing? i wish i had mind-reading powers like that!

With Dashcle, and others, it's all about 2004, the Supreme Court, etc. Starting now to diminish and muddy the administration's accomplishments and people--one sound bite at a time.

Any given political figure, large or small, may not be a complete liar--but that's the way to bet.

Keith, who is it on Garrison Keillor's show who does the Jessie Ventura imitation? Their sound effects guy, maybe? I always loved the bits with Keillor interviewing their Governor Ventura.

Holy bad statement Kirk. I didn't read much of it, but I did see something about getting in the way and slowing us down etc. etc. etc. Well fyi friend, Canadian soldiers consistently beat U.S. soldiers in war games and exercises year after year. Our special forces are better than yours and so are our general infantry men. We may not have the equipment, but we've got the heart. I know this information because I've been there when our soldiers have done things like sneak up behind Americans during sniper drills and tie their boot laces together. Canadian soldiers would definately NOT slow you down.
As far as Cretien abusing Canadians...uh yeah, Canada is the country without the Patriot Act, we're the people who DON'T toruture prisoners, Canada is the country without the 11,000 gun related deaths every year, and we're the ones with the REAL BEER!

"Chip, you hoser."
"You hoser!"
"No, you're a hoser"
"Am not!"

From the above, someone with exalted knowledge can guess what year I went to high school in Canada.

Wow, brilliant comeback! Give yourself a hand!

Poor Tom Daschele,continuously saddened and disappointed by the President.
It''s a shame he doesn't have the cajones to get PISSED OFF!
I am saddened and disappointed that I don't live in South Dakota and get the chance to give him the pink slip his next go-'round.
He's disappointed we're not going to war with the blessing of Cameroon,Gambia,Angola and Chile
Wotta Asshat