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orange crush

Back in high school, I celebrated St. Patrick's Day the way all the Italian kids in our school did: I wore orange to school that day.

Here it is St. Patrick's Day and I no longer own any piece of orange clothing, but I see our government has helped me out by raising the terror alert to that color.

Think they have it in for the Irish, too?


I couldn't even drink tonight because I have to work early tomorrow. I have let my proud Irish Heritage down, by failing to end this most special of evenings in a puddle of my own vomit and urine.

Did you Italians wear orange just because it seemed like a conuterpoint to green, or were you trying to show some solidarity with one of the oldest and largest protestant organisations in Ulster?

Hah, we just figured it was the opposite of green, plus there is orange in the italian flag.

Dumb kids, I know.

I remember that the Italian kid at my Catholic grade school got us to play Protestant and Catholic one St. Patrick's Day. One group was the "Protestants" and another was the "Catholics" (which was kinda funny since we were all Catholics). We then proceeded to kick the crap out of each other. To tell the truth, it was really no different then stick ball, except we didn't use sticks. I'm toasted, how bout you?

i'm irish and yet i completly agree with you. stupid saint, driving all the druids out of ireland. someone pass me a cuba libre!