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And they smell like rotting beef carcasses1

We don't need your Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen, anyhow.

1"Our country reeks of trees,
Our yaks are very large,
And they smell like rotting beef carcasses.
And we have to clean up after them
And our saddle sores are the best.
We proudly wear women's clothing
And searing sand blows up our skirts.
And the buzzards, they soar overhead,
And poisonous snakes will devour us whole,
Our bones will bleach in the sun.
And we will probably go to hell
And that is our great reward,
For being The-uh Ro-yal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen!"

Ren and Stimpy


Thank you. [wipes greatful tear]
I'm imagining myself as Stimpy right now.

I hate to say it, but it wouldn't have mattered little one way or the other, in a strictly military sense. Especially when you consider that their Sea Kings fall out of the sky on numerous occasions, the trouble the Navy has in just getting ships ready for deployment, the inability of the Canadian Forces to self-deploy to a theater of operations, and the otherwise limited resources of the Canadian Forces. Granted the Canadians were a great asset in Afghanistan, but now, they have few forces to spare for anything else.

The political aspect is something else entirely. Chretien just shot himself in the ass with this one. Since when is pissing off your major trading partner on something this important a smart idea? What a jerkoff.



Chretien is on his way out; he announced six months ago that he's retiring in February of next year. Thus, longterm repercussions to the country are no big deal to him.

However, Canadian troops are deployed into Kabul, which helps free up US troops for Iraq on the one hand, but doesn't require Chretien to face down the anti-american wing of his party.


Unfortunately, Chretien's successor, be it Sheila Copps, Allan Rock (a $1 billion gun registry courtesy of both), or John Manley, is going to have to deal with the consequences. And, if Colleen Beaumier, Carolyn Parrish and Francie Ducros are representative of current Liberal Party sentiment, US-Canada relations are going to take an interesting turn in the future.


The CA has managed to shoot itself in the ass a few times but they're on the right side of history this time. Not only that, I think hockey fans in Canada, the United States, Newfoundland and the ships at sea know how Don Cherry feels about this issue and that's all that matters.

Our snipers did a good job in Afghanistan.
They would have been a help during the seige of Baghdad.

The .50 cal sniper rifles have a lot of range.

Its too bad we are ruled by a corrupt, senile old fool who can't speak english and really, really hates the US.

Couldn't his 100 million dollar plane be accidently shot down next time he visits you guys in the south?


That's just my point; we will face repercussions from it. And folks like Parrish are representative of one wing of the party (remember that there was at least one cabinet minister nodding along to Sunera Thobani's anti-American diatribe after 9/11).

The Liberals, because they've been doing it for so long, seem to think that they can endlessly continue playing up to anti-American bigotry at home without facing any consequences. This isn't unique; they also play up anti-Alberta bigotry too [sometimes combined into complaints that the Albertans are 'too American'].

Bush, unlike a lot of US presidents, seems to pay attention to what is said about the US at home by his allies. This does not bode well for Canada under the Liberals, I agree. But we're pretty much stuck with the Liberals until Hell freezes over, so...

I doubt that Canada is going to take any big hits for this. Canada isn't France. It didn't really block anything, and its not so big (except in land mass). Sure Cretien's government isn't getting an favors from Bush, but frankly I doubt Washington noticed the lack of Canadian military support any more than it notice the lack of military support from Fiji, know what I'm saying Gee?

I listened to a call in on CBC radio this morning and the callers were split:

1. Men with military experience were, and a few conservatives were very ashamed.

2. Lots of less than bright regular folks seemed to have absorbed the fact that participating in a war can piss people off and they didn't want to become targets of terrorists. But rather than honestly say "Hey, don't shoot at my family, shoot at my good friend uncle Sam - yeah he's just a few feet south of me" they were bristling with false moralism.. That's a study in cognitive dissonance for you.

3. People who knew nothing but were disinclined to trust Bush, spouted half remembered slogans from anywhere - even from the Chirac.

In the second two groups were young women, bristling in their shallow coats of moral superiority, and some very funny and inarticulate young stoners.

Of course one woman with an Arabic accent called in to say that Cretien didn't go far enough and should have strongly condemed the Americans.

Sniff sniff {wipes soda off underside of nose}
Michele, you evil lady -- you have forced me to get out my R&S album and listen to the wonderment therein! R&S were ahead of their time since they also perform the new French anthem "I'm gonna be a monkey". If only they had mentioned cheese and surender, it would have been perfect!

I'm Canadian living in the US. To those who said that Cretin is leaving in a few months, how many of you actually believe he will keep his word? He's a proven liar and he's never kept any of the promises that he's made. I bet he stays on after his "deadline".

As for his replacement, you think Martin or Manely will do a better job? Think again! They're just as bad as Chretien, but maybe not as arrogant or overtly hostile. This is a problem within the Liberal Party. So long as they remain in power (and they without any doubt will), these antics will continue for the forseeable future. What's worst of all is that many Canadians actually agree with this! I'm glad I left the country when I did. You just can't be anything but a socialist nimrod up there anymore.

Hey, not all of us are socialists!

But yeah, we're probably stuck with the Liberals for time immemorial. As for the degrees of anti-Americanism, who the hell knows what Paul Martin thinks on anything? And don't bother mentioning anyone else, because the only way Martin loses os if he dies.

Will Chretien try to stay? Maybe... but he isn't leaving voluntarily in the first place. Maybe if we're lucky he'll try and stay and split the party (akin to the Liberal split in Newfoundland in the '70s that led to Joey's final curtain. But that kind of vicious personal infighting tearing the Libs up from within is too happy a scenario for me to expect it.

I don't know - it seems a little optimistic to hope for the Liberals tearing themselves apart. At least, not if stuff like this is any indication.

I know not everyone is a socialist in Canada! I most certainly was not and neither is my family that remains there. But you cannot deny that it is much more difficult to exhibit anything but liberal and leftist dogma in Canada these days. I’m stunned at how things have declined since I moved away just about three years ago; so much so that there is no such thing as an “opposing opinion” anymore.

As for Paul Martin taking the helm, yeah, he seems poised as the most likely successor (not that Cretin approves of this), but do you or anyone else honestly believe that he will do a better job? You think he’s any different? Granted, he’s head-and-shoulders than that buffoon Manley, but anyone with Al (I am entitled to be a world leader) Gore syndrome (and you know he thinks this way) should be looked at with a bit more suspicion. I appalled that he’s looked upon as the “savior” of the Liberal Party and, subsequently, Canada. They’re all the same, folks.

And if anyone thinks we’ll see a Liberal split akin to what happened in the 70’s, then I suggest you look at the link Tony provides. That says it all. And, quite frankly, it doesn’t surprise me anymore.