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the first sign

Inspectors urged to leave Iraq.

I got this email from the Voices in the Wilderness mailing list that I don't know how I got on but I'm kind of glad I did:

Currently, there are 28 people with IPT prepared for an indefinite stay in Iraq.

A group of 5 Americans and 3 Canadians arrived in Baghdad this week. Beyond this group, we have no further delegations of new IPT members planned at this time. This is because war appears to be so painfully imminent, and our current team is so focused right now on physically, emotionally and mentally preparing for the crisis of attack and invasion.

I don't see anyone warning them to get out of Iraq. You reap what you sow.

It's going to be a very busy news day.

That reminds me of this:

Chris Muir: Day by Day


They will know if they watch CNN. I just updated my blog with the CNN story before reading yours. Should turn off the TV and go to sleep. The cartoon was cute. Anybody idiot enough to be a human shield for Saddam deserves what they get.

During Gulf War 1 the only intel the Iraqi's had by the end of the air war was from pirated CNN wild feeds (what the reporters upload to the satellites before broadcast). Maybe some campaign of disinformation should be in order.

I never knew a sunflower seed could come out of my nose until I read that cartoon.