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they may be on to something

Off subject of the war, I found the super double extra secret nomination tally page for the Anti-Bloggies.

Please remember that this is the only blog awards that can't claim controversy because they encourage cheating, bribery, scandals and killing off of your opponents.

Anyhow, I had planned on campaigning for Biggest Whiner After Being De-Linked (a category in which I am currently in the lead), but it looks like there may be a grassroots movement to get me crowned as both Biggest Jerk and Most Depressing Blog.

Hey, a prize is a prize. I'll take either. Go vote for me.

I did win best heterosexual blog last year. Some people don't think I deserved it, on the basis that they don't believe I am strictly heterosexual. Go figure.


I have really been making an effort for the 'Least Updated' award these past few weeks.

Wow. We are enjoying your place. Your posts are interesting and the comments are too.

Thanks for giving us a great place to visit.

Does this mean more hot girl-girl action with me?

Is there a category for the Biggest Whining De-linker?

Guess not. I may have to sponsor that category next year.

Couldn't find the double secret ultra-covert page (even with the link you gave me), maybe I should put myself forward for the "sees the most 403 pages anywhere" award