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you run ahead, i'll wait here

I just saw some local idiot being interviewed on television about terrorism in the event of war. Idiot says: "I think it's very important that we all plan escape routes."

At which point I scream at the television:

"WE LIVE ON A FUCKING ISLAND YOU ASSCLOWN!" How do you plan to get off an island when everyone else is doing the same?

I'm sure your place in the traffic jam on the Throgs Neck bridge will afford you a great view of the mushroom cloud, buddy. Personally, I'd rather die in my bed than stuck between Queens and NYC. With my luck, my last sight would be the bright blue ugliness that is Shea Stadium. What a way to go.

I have no idea why I'm so worked up today. I just am. Enjoy it while it lasts. Tomorrow I'll probably be crying that nobody loves me. See, The handy dandy chart of my cycle


hey michele, i'm a day late with this but next year, on eat an animal for peta day, you need to use this as a new header...lol
Mark Ryden. go to gallery two, look for the bunny butcher. so perfect.

Perhaps he should have chimed in with the network and white house idiots whose solution is: use duct tape. Plan b) break out the kayak?