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one last post about meat

I forgot to document my meat-eating yesterday:

Breakfast: McDonald's sausage and egg biscuit. I get points for the eggs because I'm sure the chickens that hatched the eggs were opressed. Also, I used milk in my coffee and we all know that cows are demeaned and degraded when their utters are stroked for our benefit.

Lunch: Chinese take-out. We ordered $50 worth of food just to cover our bases. Sesame chicken, pork fried rice, beef with string beans, shrimp lo mein and barbecued spare rib tips.

Dinner: Domino's Meatzza Pizza.

We thought about going to a steakhouse for dinner, but that would have meant getting out of our outfits of underwear and t-shirts and leaving the house. Besides, we capped the evening off with some cannibal movies.

I dropped into a meat coma at about 11pm last night. It was blissful.

Eat an Animal for Peta Day was a rousing success.


I say we make it an annual event. It was pretty fun. :)

Annual?? You mean I gotta wait a YEAR for another round of this wacko-bashing fun???

Just curious, but how can you spend FIFTY bucks on Chinese Takeout? You sure have a lot of mouths to feed

I love McDonald's bacon, egg and cheese biscuits. Too bad I hardly ever get up early enough to have one.

MMMM, last night it was Lamb Vindaloo (5-star spicy) from the local Indian restaurant. Yeah, lamb. You know, like cuddawee-wuddawee little lamby-kins. MMMMMMM, so good.

The venison was spectacular.

David, when my daughter was about 7, we were planning to have lamb chops for dinner. She said "Awww! Poor lammie. But it'll taste good!"

Our gaming group (yes, we're geeks, we play RPGs) went out to a fabulous Southern diner. On the table were pork chops, cajun blackened catfish, cajun ribeye smothered with blue cheese, meatloaf, and an assortment of delicious sides (including hushpuppies which you can't get anywhere else in Portland, OR).

Remember: Once the weather gets warmer, Real Men (and Women) everywhere dust off the Weber (or Patio, in my case) and grill MEAT. Lots and lots of MEAT. (I like Beer-Can Chicken, myself. It's easy and looks funny as all hell, but it's damn tasty.)

And don't be a wuss and use a propane grill. Risk life and limb and use CHARCOAL and LIGHTER FLUID, for Pete's sake!

I'm making every Saturday Eat an Animal for peta day.

L.C. Victor,
Not to sound defensive but I use propane for the simple reason that I enjoy grilling my fellow creatures so much and so often that using charcoal meant I had to wait for the coals to heat up. Using propane means using more non-renewable energy resources, too!
In the summertime, I grill virtually everything and I want it NOW.
I had ham (lunch) and chicken (dinner). I had five cigarettes and a coffee for breakfast. Someone should invent meat cigarettes...that would really piss off the PC hippies!

And there are those of us up here in Minnesota that grill year round. Every Friday is steak night at our house. EVERY FRIDAY. Our steak of choice is Ribeye, medium rare. With fried potatoes and corn.

Blizzarding out there? Bah. Fire up that propane burner and get to cooking!