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I must hate myself, for I am watching Christopher Hitchens on C-Span. It appears to be a debate sponsored by the L.A. Times, being held at UC Berkeley.

I think if it really was all about the oil, we would just have invaded Hitchens's hair by now.



My god, that comment...

You've finally reached my level of bitter, twisted, asocial wit...

Seek help. NOW...

Coming from someone who thinks that talking about freedom equates to brainwashing, I'm not real impressed that you think someone needs mental help, Crimson Cow.

Sorry, but that's how I see it. ;-)

Loser. Just sailed in here after seeing that this piece of shit blog-dump had been nominated by the 'Anti-Blog' web site.

Just go kill yourself and be done with it fer fucks sake.

What the hell is w/ the troll's this evening? You're great, Michele. Check you out daily. Never stop.

Jeez, that was a compliment, already...

What is it with people this week? And where did that 'brainwashing' thing come from?

Ugh, bored now. must...stop...banal...discussion...